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The game doesn't connect anymore. I try to uninstall but doesn't work again.. I can't play anymore. Must have

Loved this game got to level 44 and now I can't get into the game. It's been 2 days since I have been able to play. Sad cause know deleted off Just wow

I really liked this game but after the recent update i can't get it to load on my phone. I'm not sure if it's because of the app or my phone but it was a sad day. Worth it!

Got to level 29 and were enjoying the short spates of distraction, won't even open now, says it can't connect. Please fix Fantastic

I can't get back into my game it keeps saying that there is no internet connection I have a full internet connection please help i like playing this game Good

Not sure what is going on. The very first thing to do on the checklist is to harvest some tomato's, I've harvested them at least 20 times and it still doesn't recognize that I've done it or give me the rewards so I can't even move forward! Good

A fun animal collecting game where u can get hybrids and do lots of cool stuff but i wish the waiting time for builds and breeding was less or u can watch a ad tospeed it up! Recommend

This game was awesome and I was having fun playing it for about 30mins. got to level 5 an got new animals. but then just now. All of a sudden the button were u get all your stuff just want let me into it. Its like it just stopped working. Everything elts works. Well u can move around. But u cant collect your money or get new stuff. So it was fun while it lasted. Would of been a fun game of it worked Like it should of Perfect

I just love it! It is very cute and doesn't glitch that much. The only thing I would do to improve it is add a bit more animals, other than that it's a fun, cute, and addictive game. Well done! Flawless

Good bit of fun to pass the time, doesn't require you to check in constantly or micromanage, which I appreciate. My biggest complaint is that the pricing of the food makes no sense, as usually you should get more food per dollar when you spend more money (like when you buy anything in bulk), but that is not the case in this game. Which is fine. Just bizarre and feels like wasting money when spending more on food. 5 star

I know this is a great game but you need to be able to get money quicker e.g all visitor give give dollars then you won't have to wait for ages but everyone should play this Perfect

I love this game we can easily play the game without spending real money you can upgrade your animals and many more interesting things are there. It is the best zoo story game 5 star

Ok I've played long enough to get a good idea about this game and I love it. From acquiring animals to repositioning everything to give it my own style it has rapidly become my favorite game to play right now. The option to pay rl money or use the ad feature makes it easy for anyone to play and still reward the developers for a job well done. Easily 5 stars from me. Must have

Love the game but I feel like should be able to make more feed with less money and the place bigger . Feed take to long Cool

Been playing for a month now. Great game but i still can't play the videos to earn coins. They don't load or play. Can you please fix this. This is the only game i cant play videos on it. Omg

I like the overall game however it crashes quiet alot and if you could rotate some items would be great Surprisingly

This game is awesome, it passes time quick and is relaxing, this game is great for road trips and even just at home, i am always playing this game, its a very good game. Marvelous

Cute characters. Waiting times aren't terrible. Don't have to pay to go far. Only level 5 but I'm enjoying it Awesome

Very time consuming and fun! I always want to do something on this game!Anyone would love this game! Great job

good game, you can easily play without having to spend real money and the ads arent overkill. the difficulty never becomes impossible to play either. sometimes i see some light glitches but nothing crazy! Great!

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