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Bogy game I really advise u not to get this game its throws u into lava

Beautiful looking game! My only complaint is that the character doesn't move enough to the left or right to make jumps or to maneuver around buildings (so you'll run face first into them, "fun"). So, basically, the movement needs improvement (wasn't trying to rhyme, lol).

cool as f*** this is one of the best games i have played you guys should add more game modes and more weapons, but i love it!!!

Great game! Seriously one of the best free games I've ever played from the Google Store. Quick action, skills, combos, man double juuuuuump

Awesome In subway surfars only running but in this game there is attacking everything that u need in a fabulous game

A little training This game is a little brutal with platforms. The wooden raft is always on the other side of you and you are always running so kinda unfair. Jumping is crucial to success in this game.

It kinda reminds me of temple run. Go well

Great work guys! I love this game! If you like Ninja games,this one has sword and jumping skills.Cutting bad guys to shreds.Try this game Ok. You won't be sorry! Yeah!!! Ha! Ha! Omg

Zombitsu Its cool man jst little problem sometime but when I purchase the double coin it slowly working its hanging right now I can't open it since last night until now pls fix it im bored u know? Perfect

A great game but... It is frustrating that the ninja is supposed to walk on walls but it crashes out of nothing and falls right to the lava. But for the rest, it is just a thing of practice. Good

Cool but needs more acrobatics I was very amazed seeing those ninja jumbs and kills and walking on rop but there is just somthing missing but I dont know Enjoy it!

Best game ever I'm a beginner zombie slayer now and on mission 11 I unlocked every skill except for the uppercut Cool

Great game It's an awesome game, fun little time killer. It has great graphics and it runs smoothly. However it crashes in the background and resulting in my phone running slowly. On Samsung Galaxy S3 on Android 4.3 Well done!!

Its alright..... ('.') You guys need to add more stuff in to it like oufits or roleplaying style.... overall its a good game Works perfectly

Must purchase Looks like a good game, but to pass lvl 4 u must perform 360 chop, and u need to buy it, so i'm stuck Great!

good game but it started out fine but now it keeps glitching. i cant even finish a mission. help me!! Perfect!

Question I have one question...why does he/she turn into a log when he/she dies? (Just wondering) Fantastic

There are lots of clicks The tapping when one dies is annoying. A purchase would be nice to skip those things. Must have

Work for the powerups! The gameplay is a little slow when you start but when you get a few of the power ups it's a whole lot more fun and you can start putting together some awesome combos. Slash, slash, 360, upper cut, slash, slash, dragon rush!

Awesome!! The ability to pick your path through this multi-layered endless runner is something different and keeps you engaged. Great job!. Recommend to download Zombitsu APK.

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