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Cute graphics and character design and simple yet fun and addictive gameplay. I love the story that the game tells and I would recommend this to my friends for a fun little time wasting game. Perfect!

This is a GREAT game with a love story, but neding to gather 150 brains for each photo in the secret section of the photo album is annoying and I think the player ahould be able to bu better weapons to collect brains faster. Other then that, its amazing. Amazing!

To answer your question. The game is kind of cute. But if my girlfriend ever became a zombie I'd probably feed people to her just for fun Flawless

I think you need more zombies to spawn so you can have her change to human in no time wow lol

Its a fun game but it doesn't have so much to do.the thing i dont like about it is that when you acomplish evolving it starts all over. Other than that it is a fun game. 5 star

Kind of weird but i found it. Good to kill. A bit of boredom , hate the ads tho ,but cant do nothing about them Highly Recommend.

It may be boring because all you do is feed , talk , kill , etc . but this is addicting and I loved it very much ! Thank you for making this game ! Good

Cutesy, dark, quirky, creepy, humorous and great for killing time in between tasks. Faster grinding than the 2nd installment. Wish there were more places to go, more interaction with zombie girl and maybe more enemies. All which are adressed in the 2nd installment. So solid mobile game. The grammar still needs some cleaning up in certain places though. Perfect

The Song And The Story. I really love the theme song and how tragic it is please continue to create games like this. Fabulous!

I like the game food spawns a little slow,but i guess its fair when you think about it. Cool

Me and my friend both got this game, and we would have a competition to see who could get an ending first. It was amazing to play this game, and still is! Enjoy it!

I love it but the zombie are too cute it hurt a little to kill them but after a while my own psycho help me don't care Perfect

Don't really get how to make her transform in exact order, story and unique plot is great though. Awesome

Lots of waiting time and not much else to do. If it could expand to a more strategic idle brain collection type game, guess that may help. wow lol

The pace is too slow and taking too much time. I personally like the achievement though. Omg

Fairly fun and touching, just needs more variety in the sound effects and scenery. More customizations. Good game overall. 5 star

This game is awesome. Zombie Girl was really fun to play. The art design and unique dialogue is very unique, and both give the game charm and character. Unfortunately, the game is a bit short and that is a bit of a disappointment. Though there isn't much to do, the story is amazing and well-thought out. Perfect

This game is short, which makes me a bit sad. However, it had a great story to it. The three endings really helped to keep it together. The art style is very unique, and the color scheme gives it more character. Also, I love how the dialogue starts off very messy, but then grows more sophisticated with each transition, if you get my drift. The different styles of the zombie girl also gave creativeness. I just adore the different personalities. The endings were very different from one another, and I am very happy about that. The first was very humorous, while the second was adorable. The third was just beautiful. I enjoyed playing this game. Even though there wasn't much to do, it was still an enjoyable experience. The only flaw was the lack of things to do. However, everything else was fantastic! Keep it up. Highly Recommend.

It is so cute a grate time killer even thow im a girl i still injoy it alot im also happy she grows and gets a story of her past Fabulous!

I wish it worked more like a traditional clicker game. It feels like it takes forever to gather brains. I love the creature designs and the creepy messages they say Well done!!

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