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Wow this amazing but i am go on equipment his out of the game plese update to solve this bug Good

Unable to upgrade robots beyond level 45..... As it is showing not enough....idk whats not enough it is asking...plz tell how can i resolve this. Cool

Its pretty good only question is how to save progress so i can play this game later Must have

I've spent more time on this game than my console since downloading it. Freaking awesome love it

Great kind of game ...... Really enjoyed alot ..... Gameplay of this game is just incredible........ Missing thing is just graphics of characters like zombies . Good

The game is great. But why dont the gems add up which I get from Hunter mode and bonus boots in level. Pls fix Recommend

It's a third person shooter and the guy is hot. 5 stars. What can I say? I'm a simple guy lol. Works great

It wont let me proceed to chapter3. Please fix this. I loved the concept of breaking parts though. Omg

AWESOME JUST BESTEDLY AWESOME But need more stuff more guns levels more customizable characters Fantastic

This is very nice.I want all my time spent with this game.when i play this game i gonna an other world and i forget take my meal and i became very weak because of not taking my the end i say this game is very fabulous and whose men play this game one time whose men forget his study and play this game 24*7 hours. Works perfectly

Nice great graphics smooth gameplay. Only issue connect to google play games would be nice or some type of saving option. Also some more playable characters would be nice "like a Female" and option to change outfits as well. Overall A+ game hope to see new future improvements Amazing!

Amazing! It has been long time since I am seeing a great first person shooter and offline with such amazing feature, please just don't change it to online, it is best in offline since it can be play anywhere Cool

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