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I'm addicted to this game it is so fun when your bored and well there is like 100 more nice things I can say about this app I love it so much love it

I am not receiving the earned cash at watching the videos. It stopped at $13. I also keep receiving error messages from game play Worth it!

it's a fun game but it just needs more effort on it. Just be sure I think my dad loves this game fyi Recommend

Nice game but 2 issues make it more frustrating than fun: 1) The joypad has a nasty habit of freezing as you're moving, especially at the edges of the game map...leaving your character standing helpless and vulnerable. The enemy hit boxes are slightly off too as you can literally be next and facing an enemy and still miss with your melee attack. 2) Takes too long to level up...especially annoying as better weapons require higher levels. Not bad

Good idea but having to tap my phone so much makes it stop responding so I have to be still for a couple seconds before I can play again Great job

Clicking on the x to close an ad reboots the game and causes me to loose progress. Also asking to pay cash to unlock levels is not cool Works perfectly

This game is cool cause it zombies and it has cartoon graphics fun game but it does not really help you when you need money. 5 star

This is a good game and can y'all add were you you can play with other people in the world like multiplayer Flawless

I used to be able to watch videos for cash on the game,and now it won't give me the cash after watching them.... wow lol

I used to be able to watch videos for cash on the game,and now it give me the cash after watching them.... Great job

I like every thing but how you can't move just the gun you have to move your entire body Works great

I love this game because I like COD and this is like COD BTW if you don't know what COD is its a shooting game need more info its a game with people Brilliant

The game is very addicting, exciting, and fun. With tons of goals to complete and keep track of, gun upgrades, and characters to buy, this game will keep you busy for quite a while. The graphics are similar to that of a cartoon, it has simple controls, and tons of zombie killing missions. Combine all of these three together and you have one fun zombie killing bad ass game. wow lol

Its cool except i watched like a 100 videos expect to get my cash but they didnt give it to me Worth it!

Great but it needs more gold ggggggggggguuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnssssssssssssssssss Flawless

Awesome game. Quality characters are too expensive. Need more ways to get money Omg

Love the zombie age games...well 2 and 3. The first one is okay...understandably so. I hope there will be number 4. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Good

Guys this is a awesome game and the controls and graphics are awesome and unlike most games its easy to buy weapons Perfect

I think this game is good it's that I'm on this level and I haven't past it in a 7 days that's a week zombie age. and this to the people that you add to it they are lame but the other person isn't but I'm going to say that zombie age is not that good lame boooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! Peace Recommend

This game has awesome killing style and takes lots of skills. It is so awesome and I love it so much Perfect!

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