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I LOVE this game! It's so addicting and I never get bored. I'm level 36 after two overkills, and still playing. The gameplay is super balanced and the full version for $2.00 is totally worth it. The multiplayer is a little laggy, but not really. My highest round is round 83! I love this game so much I bought $10 worth of coins, and the double coin thing! I didn't really need it though because I already had 200, but I had $25 so what better way to spend it on then on your favorite game? I also have over 46 hours played on this game somehow. And no, I'm not a mobile peasant, I have an Xbox one s. In all its an amazing game and never give up on updating it! Perfect!

I LOVE this game! It's so addicting and I never get bored. I'm level 36 and still playing. The gameplay is super balanced and the full version for $2.00 is totally worth it. The multiplayer is a little laggy, but not really. In all an amazing game and never give up on it! Works great

I liked but the problem is that it won't work with my ipega controller, all the buttons won't respond and also add more maps and phones. So if you could fix it i'll make it 5 stars. Thanks in Advance Great!

Nice game. Simple and fun. I would appreciate if you release the update soon. There are a few bugs I encountered. Sometimes, I cannot shoot after reloading and after buying new gun. Also, when I buy the minigun, there are no ammo at all. Overall, really reall great game. Keep going! love it

Best zombie survival game on the app store. I can't wait to see what new things are going to be added. My highest round is 47 on red snow with all 3 bots. Perfect!

I would give this game 5 stars, were it not for the extremely clunky controls (especially the aim). I tried to connect my Xbox 360 controller, but the right stick was completely unresponsive in-game, which lead to me not being able to aim. Could you please fix this issue? This would lead to a BIG spike in the overall enjoyment of this all in all awesome game. wow lol

LOVED THE GAME The game was fun and so was everything else I freaking love the zombies the katana (I like the Japanese weapons just so you know) I rate it 5 [email protected]$ I wish I could rate even more thx for the awesome game. love it

Great game over all, good for something causal to play with hours of fun. Great 16 bit side view COD Zombies style game, one of the better games offered on mobile in my opinion. Worth the download for sure Worth a go!

Why would we have to pay for multiplayer? Ive played games the has free multiplayer. Would r8 5 stars if no multiPAYer. Enjoy it!

Ya that is part of my problem i cant remember my password or my username is ther a way yous can redeem it for me??? I love this game and i was pritty far Omg

FIX PLS sometimes in the game I can't shoot, randomly this occurs and sometimes when I get money it takes it away randomly. This does not happen from the exploding door. And pls add so that weapons can be upgraded the 2nd time for an extended cost. Flawless

It's a side scrolling zombie shooter. I love it except for running out of ammo to fast. Great!

I would give you 5-5 but you do not have a option were we can get those coins for watching videos other then that good job Fabulous!

Why you guys stop updating this game. This game is amazing its like a PC game that you can play on android anywhere. PC games for me is the best. And this game is one of the best i have play in my android phone. Reply: Oh Goodluck on your new game Perfect!

overall good game. but how you login? it says that cloud saving didn't support the free version of the game. and i can't find the paid version of the game either. pls help Perfect

I bought an accessory and as soon as I got into a game I got kicked out and it wasted the item I bought. It said a fatal error has occurred. Anyway to fix this? Superb!

It's Awesome But.... Whenever I Play Sometime when I go to shoot my guy just looks around and it keeps getting me killed and On Abandoned Hospital It won't let me get the phone, still a great game though! Highly Recommend.

It is not a bad game but easy and normal mode are really not different. But i hate how if you open a room more zombies spawn in. I also dont like how if you get to far from the zombies it spawns them close to you. And when the boss is there zombies just keep spanwing in intill you kill him. P.s. the running zombies jump to much wow lol

Great game. A perfect 2d distant cousin of black ops zombies. Only problem I keep losing profile information like skills and unlocked maps. Just wow

Good Game!But I Cant Pay For The Game I Wish I Could :( F2P Unable To Get More Than 1 Survivor Teammate And Cannot Save Games In Google Play And Game Center? Edit:I cant pick up phones on other maps?is that suppose to happen? Request:Add A Free Version For Apple Users? Not bad

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