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What are you guys doing . This is a great dialer but where is The VIDEO CALL function ? Fantastic

Sometimes it does not show any contacts,the saved ones,I've to restart it to solve this issue.It happens maybe once in two to three days. Awesome

This is a great dialer The former dialer worked just fine, but this is better. I WISH the voice recorder in the ASUS UI had option to go to dark background. Must have

I've had a phone newer than my Zoom, it's the Zenphone 3 Deluxe and I love this phone! Surprisingly

Man it hangs a lot, it doesn't even show the list of contacts sometime for few seconds..... Recommend

In my mobile ASUS ZenFone 3s max contacts take more time load my saved contact and search contacts. Worth it!

After update phone book get hang. Face problem while some body call, Phone get hang and no access of phone screen. Highly Recommend.

Need video call features just like other vendors gives such as xiomi Samsung.. will be best. Great!

It's good. Few things, I am not clear about usage. In previous version, there were contact on front screen, now I don't know how to get them in layers Great job

Swipe up/down option on dial pad doesn't available...on personalised setting swipe up/down option should be enabled Highly Recommend.

Dark theme please. Some of us like that configuration. It was available on Android 7.0 for ZenUi 3, now that I'm on Android 8.0 ZenUi 4 this feature is nowhere to be found. Well done!!

I have upgrade to Oreo version (V.8). No setting contact for dark backround like previous version. Omg

Removing the smart contact features is a really bad update. Earlier I could search contacts directly from call log screen. And with name you must also show number in contact list. love it

Please add dark theme again. After update to Oreo there is no option for dark theme Just wow

Everything is fine only the single thing that is missing is the video call option.please include that feature so we could proudly say that we have the best thing Works perfectly

I recently updated to oreo OS and i noticed that i cant change to dark theme. In nougat OS it was possible to choose light or dark theme. Is this option gone in oreo? Thanks Fabulous!

Love this. Just a small request. Can u enable edit on the layout on our contact list so that I can arrange the Contact list to see what is important to me first. For me, Name, Mobile, Email and Group is critical. The rest of the details are not. If u enable the edit, I'll be able to either hide the rest of the details when i edit the Contact or simply rearrange the screen so that I am not bothered by the rest of the details Awesome

I like the asus dialer but after the last update i can't change the screen caller background, hope u get it back in the next update Marvelous

Was perfect until I received a call while playing on a different app. Answering a call from the notification routed me to the app's main screen which obviously resulted to me being afk in a game for a couple of seconds. My suggestion is: make answering calls from notification keep you in your current app. Also, please add a loud speaker option on the notification after tapping the answer button so I can talk to the person while playing. Good

It doesnt show my sim card contacts and it doesnt appear and i cant save new contacts to my sim card please fix this problem Perfect

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