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I wish they return back with the best photo sharing platform. No doubt zencircle was the best app. Brilliant

Well, I wanted a simple, easy to use, vid wit plenty o transfer features.. .. .V. Good!GV Just wow

WHY will be shutting down this App??? ZenCircle is best App. So sad to hear that 16 oct, 2017 this app will be shutting down. Worth a go!

When you shut down this service, will you change settings so that the app can be completely removed from ASUS devices? Well done!!

Let us post videos too .... and chat bar its boring without them ....every social app has chats and video sharing .. And please give a reply .. to me Surprisingly

I do miss the most recent tab on this app, because I was able to see recent pictures post by users. It gave the chance for new users to get likes on their posts and gain followers. This app is a good Instagram alternative. I've been using this app since it's early days and it has improved over the years. The amount of perverts hasn't changed; you have your men who harrass women, some leave inappropriate comments on innocent posts, and lets not forget the pedophiles that hit on little girls. Works great

Yes everything is good, but there need importance to delete or deactivate my account. 5 star

Nice app,it relates us to Good

It's still very new to me, but I like it so far.. it's different. And I love being able to share my photography with the whole world, and my photos still don't get stolen, or download by someone else. Works great

It is the best app.. since i like photography a lot. I have many followers and friends on this app. Thanks a lot to zencircle . And also asus for equiping such features which will definitely make IN SEARCH OF INCREDIBLE...... Surprisingly

It's superb app and i have many friends on ZenCircle, Thanks ASUS for giving us such an amazing app, Perfect!

It's a great social networking photo app I have ever seen.asus doing a great job.we all support you Asus.Most importantly I love you, Fabulous!

All good but can u pls.add selection about private messaging or commenting.pls.all in nice work Awesome

Can we get Nougat update for zenfone max..... hoping admin u ll give the answer..... other wise it superb fone Great!

This fake account.. This account is created to bully & spoil the reputation of my friend from ZenCircle.. we feel very insecure to use ZenCircle... because is the second time happening like this... please block IP address.. so no accounts can be accessed again from that phone... we wanted to know who is doing this & from which place... The original account This is my friend from ZenCircle.. she is been bullied by the fake account & spoiling her reputations.. Please sort out issues as soon as possible... Response from ZenCircle team is not good.. Even after soo many complaints.. the fake is not blocked yet... Please respond as soon as possible.. there should be ID created by ZenCircle team only for complaints & reports... wow lol

Lik عالی بود دمتان گرم مهدی شمر هستم از ایران.اصفهان assus 5 star

Happy with zencircle ...but it didn't synchronise my contacts.... improve it... Worth a go!

My Asus ZenFone 2 laser is too good . Its camera is also very good. But I cannot open laser Superb!

You should let people reply to the comments so that they can thank them or express their gratitude. And you should also let people message each other so that they can have a conversation which will help them taking better photos. Thanks Worth it!

It's functional, almost similar to instagram. I do wish they include a messaging feature in the future. Muito bom!

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