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Why these unnecessary ads why do you need ad support for this if your intention is right make it a real pro version without ads Must have

Nice work اكثر من رااااااائع ماشاء الله معجبه جدا بالاذكار تظهر لوحدها علي الشاشه وكل مده يجي ذكر بصوت ومتاح وسهل الاستخدام مشكورين Fabulous!

Allah blesses you This app is very good but if you add audio sound for each zaker when it pops out on the screen, it will be excellent. Allah blesses you.

An excellent programme Really it's full of what you need and also helps you to correct common mistakes most of us do them.

It is uniquely put, where you have All variety of Duaa you may access. A complete miniature duaas for your needs morning, noon, asar, night, and bed time. Jazakum Allah khairan.

Very good app but problems with reminder I really appreciate your application and it's helped me a lot.. Just fix the reminder. Thank you and jazakom Allah kheir.

The best muslim app If you need always to be with Allah and to in contact with him just setup this app

Love it n want this app forever. Assalamualikum MashaAllah very good & awwsome App., reQuest to my muslim Brothers n sister to Download this App....Best of luck to team members.....:-)

Usefull app In masaa part the 4th prayer )الهم انی اصبحت..( isent it ) الهم انی امسیت (

Nice app يحتاج الى تذكار بعد الصلوات اي يضاف له الاذان و يعرض الاذكار بعد الانتهاء من الصلاة

Good but ad's The app is really great but the really disgusting thing is the pop up ads please remove them instead i will uninstall it

Easy & Smart Application رائع وسهل هذا ما كنت ابحث عنه جعله الله في ميزان حسناتكم :)

Good aap buttttt The latest update says less ad's but the pop up ad's have increased.The app is excellent for Azkaar but the recent update has ruined the setup. So many adds pop up now...... It is really Disgusting, Uninstalling the the only option which I find helpful. I'll come back in a few days to check if the Ad's issue is fixed.

Wahid from afghanistan This is really excellent, gives reminder for doing Deker in the morning and evening. Thanks a lot and jazakallah khaira

Subahanallah SubhanaAllah, a very good app to remind a Muslim on how to stay steadfast to their obligations and keep making an effort on a daily basis to try and please their Lord.-

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