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It was awesome until this update. Now it takes 2-3 tries to maybe clean most of the clutter off the phone thanks to the 100mb cap they put on it to advertise their "super clean" app. Marvelous

Very useful. Handy easy to clean, privacy not really effective. I guess. Let me check it first. Just wow

I love this app. I use to get random ads on my phone but i DONT anymore! I really think you should get it if any weird thing is happening with your phone. 10 stars in my book! Fabulous!

This thing hijacked my phone. Hell, I can't even answer calls without closing 3 junk ads. Works good, but the ads are insane!! Sorry bud, uninstalling.. Marvelous

OMG.. this app feels like heaven because my phone kept saying I need a app that removes virus but none of the virus remover works but this... This is freaking amazing and it remove 2 viruses Recommend

Too spammy, that real time protection is always on your screen when you unlock it. Notification as well, sure it prevent other notifications by also spaming notification, kinda like drinking medicine that makes you sicker and sicker. Just wow

As soon as I unlock my phone the scan screen pops up every time whether or not the phone needs cleaning and then i have trouble getting out of the screen, why so intrusive? Thank you for your reply Fabulous!

Was great for awhile, but now I get a blue screen saying "Hi Security" every time I unlock my phone. It's extremely annoying and inconvenient. I'm removing and finding another app. Brilliant

It works ok, I'm just tired of all of the popups. I'm going to be uninstalling. They are not ads they are status pop ups, usually at the top of the screen but lately there has been a full page status pop up that you have to go in and choose to not show again that day, but it's back the next day. No way to turn them off Worth a go!

I have used this app for a while now and it's always been very useful. However the last update shows me the real time protection radar everything I unlock my phone. Not only is this highly annoying, completely useless, it is also a waste of time trying to close the radar so you can continue doing what you were trying to do. I have had to disable real-time protection to stop this happening. Without the real time protection this app is effectively useless Flawless

So far so good on Z2 force! Used on Droid turbo 2 with some complications with memory? Cool

Simple interface, works great. Only downside is the bar it leaves in your drop down notification area but simply force stopping the app will make it go away when you need. Pretty good

I had this annoying ad on the lower part of my screen that would not go away. This got rid of it! Super helpful! Brilliant

Great cleaner. Found and cleaned three threats that other popular apps overlooked. If there was a paid version, I'd buy it. This app is well worth the money for the protection it provides. Must have

I got bored because why not this an old phone i don't use lots any more purposefully got viruses app removed them all good to know if my new phone gets a virus there is a trustworthy app Great!

Very easy to use. With a lot of these on the market, it can be confusing knowing which one to install. I highly recommend Hi Security Lab. Fabulous!

This app is very, very good - yes, the free version has quite a lot of ads, but that is to be expected. Developers need to eat, too! I would highly recommend shelling out the $5 for a year subscription, as at least in my case it did indeed eliminate all of the ads, with exception to the sponsored apps from the developer (none of which are intrusive or large, so I don't mind it.) The real-time protection screen can be mildly annoying, but it does seem that overnight at least you could turn off the real time protection in the settings and that would potentially rectify that issue. As far as effectivity, I will say this: my 4 year-old Note 4 was beginning to run slower, and sometimes app loading would be a little clunky. This app seems to have cleared up these issues for me, and it's also been very useful in clearing out app caches in bulk (just pay attention, or you may end up losing things you didn't want to lose! I missed this the first time I ran the cleaner and cleared out some of my downloaded music. Whoops.) This app will also give you suggestions to protect your wi-fi security, which I found helpful. All in all, this is a great app! I'm happy I found it. Just wow

Well so far found it to be good and reliable. I've had to buy the No Ad's app/ those ad's drove me bats !!!! I'm hoping you guys look after people like me (paid) and not turn around and on us. I never wanted to fork out money until I was absolutely sure this App/ was A OK !!! I've given you 5 stars cos I'm happy with service. . thx Must have

Definitely had to bite the bullet and purchase the ad-free subscription, because the ads were unbearable. However, got to hand it to the app. S7 was running slow, locking up, etc. being a complete pain. This app cleaned everything up, and phone is normal again praise God. It's good to go folks Flawless

This app was great and useful, until I started getting pop up screen all over my screen 10 times a day when I unlock my screen! It's annoying and makes me consider switching to another antivirus app. I don't mind all the adds, but that pop up is terrible and it's making the app look terribly suspicious. Fantastic

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