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My only gripe is that it send s me notifications asking me if I liked tge dish. I never submitting anything saying that I even made the dish. I really hate $#!+ like this and it can not be turned off....not even by turning of notifications within the app. Otherwise, this is the best recipe app I've ever used. The shopping cart is awesome, sorting ans custom categories are execellent. Most people seem to leave really helpful reviews. My score is a strong B++. I can't give it an A due to the annoying notifications I get about whether I liked the dishes or not. It makes me feel like I'm being watched, which I know that I am, but I dont like feeling that way. love it

The recipes are good however the app keeps telling me I have no internet when I'm in the grocery store, and sometimes at home. The other big thing is the cook and prep times are way off. The app will list a meal at 40 min but when you look at the recipe it's 4 hours...that's a big difference. And because of that I can not use the time set function on the app, which only allows you to set the eat time and not the prep time... I'm using it less as I discover more issues. Cool

I love this app. I can save my favorite recipes and easily find them for next time. I only gave 4 stars because sometimes I have trouble connecting even when I'm connected to wi-fi. It doesn't happen often though. Works perfectly

Absolutely love this. It ends the battle of "What do you want babe? Idc. What do you want idc" slide through find something. Add supplies to the list and go get it. Perfect

The app itself is just great, and there's tons of extra points from me for taking so much consideration for people with allergies (like me!) but also let's you filter out recipes with a certain ingredient in the case of insensitivity (yeast and cilantro for instance). It's also nice to have measurement convertions in-app, but in some cases you get taken to an external blog for the instructions that might not have that option. Still, it's preferable to "stealing" the recipe and gives due credit to the one who wrote it, so lesser evil I guess. Good job! Surprisingly

I can't for the life of me figure out how to see the calendar i am creating on this app. im sure it's super easy- i know it connects to my google so i see them In my normal calendar- but to fill in a months worth of meals i want to see a whole calendar. Help! Enjoy it!

I enjoy this app, and I've used it quite often... I only wish that it had more recipe sources because there is quite a few times that I have searched for a recipe and not been able to find it... I also wish it was a little more forgiving of spelling mistakes! Worth a go!

I can always find what I'm looking for even if I don't know exactly what I'm looking for. I get great ideas and can easily see ratings from others who have tried the recipes. I love being able to save recipes so I never have to worry about trying to find it again. This app is Google and pinterest combined into one for me. Marvelous

I'm having problems with the app saying I'm not connected to wi-fi when I am. There's times where it has a hard time loading pictures and more recipes. 5 star

Love this app. By far my favorite for finding recipes. My only wish, that they had a filter for reviews. I like to check out recipes with top reviews without having to check each one. Pretty good

Good app just wish you could add your own personal recipes to it and I wish it would give you a short summary with how many step are involved in the recipe and how hard it is to make. Superb!

I love the app but over the last month or so it keeps crashing all the time i just can t use it at all ( kitchen is in trouble) please fix it so i can use it again :( Marvelous

I like the focus on food pictures, the summary of ingredients and that it links to original recipe locations. It's also super helpful to be able to sort saved recipes and to filter out certain ingredients. I love to search with this app and to browse available recipes. I recommend it regularly. Only thing I can really think to alter would be somehow making the screen stay unlocked while in use. Worth a go!

When it actually realizes that I do in fact have an internet connection (this seems to happen about half the time), it works fantastically. The UI is a smidgen clunky, but it doesn't really hamper the experience Marvelous

Vast choices of recipes for you to refer ranging from low fat to low carb, basically anything that would suit your diet. I used this to make different keto meals each day. Mastered at least 4-5 dishes already. Keep up the good work! Fabulous!

Have been using yummly online for ages. Can't wait to use the app through my phone. Inspiration when out at the supermarket and I see an ingredient I particularly fancy. Thanks Fantastic

There are some very good recipes in yum but you have to make sure that they are actually recipes because some of them are not actually recipes shortcuts. but inspired that yum is a very good recipe app love it

AWESOME big variety of recipes and easy to use and I use it at least 3 to 4 times a week. Amazing!

It says it doesn't have internet connection when I have full service and connected to wifi. Please fix. Also does it on my roomates phone. For no reason at all. Please fix Perfect!

Amazing! I've just started cooking, and there are so many recipes on here that are great for beginners. You can also find recipes from Martha Stuart, tasty, all recipes, and tons of other YouTube recipes so you're not limited to just one source! Flawless

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