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Beyond anazing. I grew up watching Yu-Gi-Oh I've come across many games that had a poor representation of it and slaughtered my childhood memories, but this game specifically is by far the absolute best without a doubt. 12/10 There's not really any words to describe how great it is. I've even got quite a few of my friends hooked on it and they love it as well. Storage space is a bit lengthy however, it's well worth the download Not bad

One quick suggestion: There's a bug whenever you use Swamp Mirrorer card. The game always force closes everytime an attack is done using that card. Please fix it. I have traded three copies of it and I don't want it to be useless. Thanks and please consider suggestion. ^^ Works great

I like the gameplay, but I would like it better if there was more spots on the field for cards. Like how its originally 5 spots for monsters and 5 spots for spell and traps. Plus, you have many cards to choose from, but you should have many more to play with. More cards should be made available and taught how to use. Besides pendulum can keep those out. Keep it up though! Its a great game. Great job

Would give 5 stars but closes itself down and then takes longer to load. Tried clearing cache and moving it but still does the same thing. wow lol

I really enjoy the card game. Love the strategy aspect. This game is as good if not better than a live face to face duel. The ability to duel others from all over the world mixed with built in missions makes this game a never ending good time! Just wow

I love the game and all the shows but the problem that I have the fact that I have a Bujingi deck and when a press auto duel it wont play any of the cards and its really starting to annoy me. So if you could fix it that would be great. Also when you press auto deck it keeps giving me the same deck even if I go to a different character. So it would be cool if you could make tha auto deck give you a deck that best fits the characters play style. That would be amazing and I would enjoy your game more if you did that. Go well

I love feeling and seeing the nostalgia when playing this game. I'm a strategy loving person and will forever love the original Yugioh for that exact reason. So playing and experiencing this is just amazing especially getting cards that I knew I could never get in real life lol. You guys and gals download and have fun! Omg

The game is good. the only problem is that they dont tell you in advance to register. New players like me have experienced losing our precious progress Cool

Coins and gems are almost useless. Maybe try to minimize items that needs real money. I love the game. Just not the fact that it needs real money on all items 5 star

From about age 14 to age 21, i thought Yugioh was just for nerds. I used to get picked on for playing. This app recreated my love for the game. I've started playing the series for my son to watch. Im still not all that interested in the show but ive played the app at least one duel a day for over a year now. It has been through 4 phones & had to completely restart every time... It was frustrating, but once i got through my temporary phone & a borrowed one, i used it to my advantage. I still dont have as many cards as my first account, but I'm a lot better this time around. And i was able to buy cards in particular packs to stack my deck better from the start. Lots of gems went wasted previously, so I used that to my advantage. Still playing, my duel ID is SatanicMagic Not bad

This game is alot of fun, but the only downside is that the dialogue doesn't line up with each other. This feels like the Mk 9 fight intros but it would feel more natural if it like mkx intros, so make it like they are having an actual conversation. Also I've experienced really bad lag in online play even when we were in the same room. Great job

The game itself and the idea behind it is amazing. It's an interesting twist on old school Yu-Gi-Oh. That being said, I have a couple of complaints about it. Firstly 90% of the game is just straight up grinding for gems so you have a chance of getting the cards you want (along with a million useless cards). Secondly the rate at which you get gems to buy packs is ridiculously low and there is a limit on how many gems you can get until you have to spend real money (if you want the best decks be prepared to spend a LOT of money or grind for hudreds of hours and get really luck). And last but not least there are constant connectivity issues. I think the basic concepts of the game could use a rework in order to make this game as amazing as it could actually be. Go well

Duel layout is flawed heavily. There are supposed to be 5 card slots for monsters and 5 for traps and spells. Not 3 each. The deck size should be between 40 and 60 cards not 20 and 30. Three and a half hours to run maintenance is ridiculous. Other than that the game is alright. Hope to see characters from 5D's added in at some point, I didn't care much for the storyline of GX. Worth it!

I'm so glad I found this game! It's utterly addictive. I do wish there were a way to use your surplus gold, though. I always have so much of it, and if it could be turned into gems, that would be amazing. But I get it. Konami want us to spend actual money on the game. Sorry, Konami. I did that, like, once. And I still didn't get Sphere Kuriboh. You're not having my money again xD Not bad

This is the only game that even you don't spend money you can still be a top player... kudos to the developer two thumbs up.. because the developer is so good i decided to spend money to show my love and support for this game!! More Power Konami! love it

This game is great but it limits you to a 30 card deck (real min is 40) and limits you to 3 monsters and 3 spell traps. Change that and it's 5 stars. Highly Recommend.

This was my first experience with yugioh and it's a very fun game. A bit pay to play when it comes to wanting to build every deck to the maximum potential (as some stuff needs 3 copies of an ultra rare that you have to reset a huge box for 3 times :/) but a lot of really strong decks are affordable just with f2p gems, farming, and/or just doing events. Superb!

The game is excellent. One of the best games you can ever play on Android platform is you are into this strategic genre. The problem occur with bug, many times my duel would just stop in online mode and a connection error prompt pops up and when after battles you return to the home page i.e. the dueling world the game would either stop responding or a waiting wheel would just start circling on the and the screen would never further that. If these connection issues can be fixed it would be the best Android game ever. Must have

It could be better. I prefer dueling the way we do in reality better. Eight thousand life points each and five spaces to duel with. Also, I will deal with the card limit of thirty cards for now. Good

Bomb game love tha fact that it's so n detail with everything keep it up but lmao more gems I think we need bigger challenges to wat we like if you want gems your max amount for that challenge should b like 50 at most and tha higher you get through tha challenges tha harder it is but with a bigger reward Marvelous

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