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A great game over all but, does need a couple of bug fixes. One example of a bug/glitch happens after I lose a duel in a match in the campaign. I'll press the continue button and it will restart the game as if I just started up the app. Other than that though its great. Perfect

E9dit: ok I had to reset my tablet,but when I reinstalled duel generation I tried to sign in to my account, to get my stuff back but the game says device error, also when I try to make a new account it always says "server is busy". I don't know what to do now plz fix (edit ) ok it's working. Very good game. Must have

This game is really cool. I can barely put it down. I play with a blackwing deck in real life and on here I am able to play with a very similar deck. The only two cards I don't have in game that I wish I could get are Sohaya the Rain Storm and Onimaru the Divine Thunder. But all-in-all I love everything else about the game Works great

The game is good but it's missing one key card for one specific deck and that is the "Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon," how do u build a blue-eyes deck without alternative it's the heart and soul of the deck it's wat made the deck good at it's peak. It's y I gave it a 2 star really just for missing that card blue-eyes is my favorite deck and for them to not put that card in is stupid. It has the entire other support but that one card without that, the deck and it's supports r useless I believe. Surprisingly

I wrote a review about a year ago about the so many bugs but they've, been fixed now so thank you. I just think when you win a multi player duel because your opponent leaves, you should still get a reward card. Why? Because the other person always leaves when they know they lost. It's petty and, unfair. Awesome

Its a fun game when it works, but when it doesn't. I have to uninstall and install again, its kinda annoying. I like the weekly bonus and 10 times booster packs, but man I need to get some rare cards at least once in a while. This game in my opinion is better than duel links. Superb!

Its a very fun game, I enjoy playing it a lot however this past week or so I haven't been able to even open it. I click the app screen changes like its about to open. Then it closes the app. Not sure if its just my phone or something is wrong. 5 star

I love the classic duel setup. Duel links is some fun. But limiting the board size and deck makes more difficult to build a good strategy deck and instead of a your lucky you got that deal. Almost all of my real card decks a 20 monster and 20 m and t. But there you have to have an off balance deck. Here you cane balance as you like. Flawless

Love this game. Great game play and plenty of challenges. This game is worth the investment I've spent well over 50 bucks and I'll probably spend more. Whether people spend or not its definitely worth it. Sorry Konami but this one puts your other Yu-Gi-Oh game to shame. I would love if you can put more 3d animations in tho. Thank you so much Good

I love this game. Ive had issues with the game saving my progress so ive lost a lot of cards I've earned by playing. But it doesn't happen often. Ive made sure to check in synched and all that. So now it works great just be careful. All around a really fun game from my childhood Just wow

It would be nice to have a button/area to hold to skip the "do you want to activate a spell/trap card?" interface instead of having to repeatedly tap the same spot just because (for example) I don't want to activate No Entry on my own monsters. Good

Everything is perfect exept one thing that is really annoying, when the game keeps asking me if I want to activate a card. It would be so much better if it was like on the gameboy or some other YGO games where you can hold the "B" or cancel button until you need to activate your card. Please fix that it's the only thing that stops me from buying premium stuff. Pretty good

The new decks in shop update was a good idea, however been trying to save up for a few months now haven't got enough points. Also, why can I not use forbidden cards but the AI can? Doesn't make sense. Shouldn't the cards just be forbidden for online play? And lots of issues with some card effects that don't execute correctly. However a good game overall Superb!

Overall a great game! Needs a manual options for card activation, and need to take one 0 off the full deck cost though. It's ANNOYING to have them ask every phase and when the only card options to destroy are your own. Great job

Good game but they need to set up a trading spot so this game is even more realistic cuz I don't like keeping 10 cards I'm not going to use other. Then that your updates. Has pushed me out the game an i git a new phone Cool

I sudgest if you can add in the store that cost 1000 battle points but we can select 1 or 5 card. Please add cuz i cant earn 200000 battle point to buy some deck. Ty from yugioh fan Fabulous!

It's a decent game. Its very slow and it's not up to date with Link Monsters. It doesn't have every card but it does offer a good amount of cards including Synchro, XYZ and Pendullum. If you had an option of speeding up the duels it might be better but everything feel slow. You can pay real money and buy decently made decks for $5 that have cards that work with each other. Also buy full series of cards. Didn't try multiplayer but it's probably slower than the offline play. Perfect

The game is really awesome. I play this game almost 13hrs a day. But there's an issues or bugs maybe. 1. The "Look" button on (the player's) my graveyard sometime, or most of the time are hard to activate. I can't take of my graveyard. 2. After defeating the fifth player on the weekly match/duel, I accidentally pressed a "Main Menu" and I wasn't able to receive/claim the prize for winning the tournament. I even went back the calendar screen (tournament) and pressed all around the screen trying to find if there's a secret button where I could claim the prize but there's none, and its so frustrating. I checked my cards to see if there's new, but still none. Please fix. I'll get back here and give you a perfect rating. If you could also send the prize I should've received on my account (USN: excabalist) that'll be cool. Omg

Its good. Could have more packs or decks from the dark side of dimensions(my opinion). Should also make it easier to get certain cards. Also. My app likes to stop working then i would have to uninstall to reinstall the app for it to work again. My only major issue with the app. Superb!

Well... All my friends tell me that this is way better that duel links so I tried it out... I would say that links is better because of one thing, they have better game layout. If u make the game better with multiplayer like links and card layout like links then this GAME will be over the charts!! Can u make quests and other thing. Al im saying make it a bit more like links from layout to gameplay. But all in all it is a bit better than LINKS! Oh and another thing add trading ect Omg

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