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After the latest update, I can't pinch to zoom the video to fill the screen when watching it on my Pixel 2 XL. Even turning the phone off and on again doesn't fix it. The only thing that fixes it is going into the phone settings and selecting apps, and then clearing the data from the YouTube app. That only works while I use YouTube immediately after that, but after closing it and using it again later, I again run into the problem. Please fix asap! Go well

4 Stars because I can't fill my note 8 screen anymore. I used to be able to do a pinch to zoom (fill) gesture but it won't allow me to do this anymore. Could be user error but I haven't had this issue until now Awesome

The recent update has removed some headphone functionality. I can no longer pause, or resume videos with the headphone controls. It does show the pause or play icon on screen, but does not enable the actual function. Please patch! Muito bom!

Youtube is great! It has a great algorithm for videos and delivers them right away. My one problem is the bugs. Youtube is extremely glitchy especiallt on older devices. I have a samsung galaxy core and when I watch a video, it freezes for a second then resumes, but the audio keeps going, so the audio isnt synced. Somone help please. Marvelous

I have a LG Stylo 3. I love YouTube Worth it!

I only have one problem and that's if you're customizing your channel. You have to have a certain banner/fansign size which is 2048x1152 which is hard to make. I request you make it so I can just resize and cut off some of the banner that doesn't fit. Other than that part I completely love it. Check me out @krieg gam3r Go well

Please give us back zoom to fill feature on my Note 8 and I believe somebody already complain about pixel 2. It's not like you have to do it for the third party but you also have to do it for your own the phone. Please put it back. Thanks. Must have

I used to like YouTube a lot and never had any major problems with it. I recently got an issue now where I can't scroll down through my notifications fully and it's really annoying. I would put it at 5 stars but this issue is just really bad. Marvelous

It's fine my only concern is that screen mirroring doesn't have confirmation. I was watching a video and went to change the quality and accidentally pressed the screen mirror or whatever it's called button and it automatically connected to my roku which my mom was watching. Very inconvenient if you press it by mistake Cool

UPDATE: Its been a month since my initial review but I'm still hoping for a play next button! I'm not sure if it's hard to add but I'm sure it will increase views. YouTube can you give us a play next button? It's on Google play music so I figure it's not that hard to add. Thanks! Works great

It would be nice if youtube could be turned into something more personal video sharing platform like facebook and allow users to embed pics in description. Thats all i can think of right now Muito bom!

I enjoy YouTube and pay for a YouTube Red subscription. However, I'm not always able to enjoy the benefits of YouTube Red. It stopped supporting background play on one of my devices I keep getting messages saying that I may see ads because it decided that I stopped living in a country that supports YouTube Red. Amazing!

This is the worst update I've ever encountered, I used to swipe between a channel's tabs before, now I can't in this new version, I applied this update to my other devices and they all have the same problem, so annoying. Please Google fix this. Update version 13.06.53: the problem is still there, please Google, do something about it. Update version 13.07.55: yes yes this is more like it, I can now swipe between a channel's tabs, YouTube is now functioning as it should be. Thank you so much Google for the fix. love it

Everything is fine except when trying to watch video while searching for others you can't exit that video when done watching it. It needs to go back to the ay it as before this new update. Its very irritating when trying to exit the video or pull it back up to full screen and it won't let you. Please put it back to the way it was before this new update. Not happy or liking this way at all. Recommend

Everytime I leave YouTube from watching a video, I go back to it later and it starts me from the beginning. Besides that, everything else is amazing!!!! I'd binge watch YouTube videos all day if I could but really I actually do!?!? But I feel that YouTube needs to get that problem fixed because sometimes it even makes me mad because I'm trying to do homework. Good

You tube would be perfectly fine if they simply change one or two Hong's PLEASE separate mobile and desktop notifications. I dont need notifications about YouTube conversations. it's youtube not my email, they aren't such a priority that I have to know immediately. Brilliant

I like the Utube app. It's quick in helping me search , find and share videos on topics I'm interested in. I can download videos to watch later and updates are good in keeping me informed on latest trends. Once a while I download a video but then when I try to play it I'm told it's not available. I wish also there was a way of categorizing videos with factual contents, from opinions, theories and gossip. Sometimes opinions or even suspicions are presented as if they were facts. Recommend

Lately when i watch something and then then go to a different screen on the app (like say im on the recommends section and switch to my subs section), it goes to a blank screen and i have to either close the app or hit the bottom that opens ur apps tab thing (the thing that zooms out the app into the background) and i l un-zoom it to see the vids again. Please fix otherwise 5 stars. Fabulous!

YouTube Red customer. While playing a playlist with the screen off, the play will stop after the 2nd or 3rd video in the playlist. A consistent error that happens no matter the playlist or the video length. I have to turn the screen back on and then it will start playing again. Very annoying when working our or trying to go to sleep. 5 star

The app sometimes does not autorotate videos when i hold them in landscape mode, which is annoying. Also, videos now sometimes lag, before freezing. I have to shut the app down and restart it for everything to work again.cPlease fix. Omg

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