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Re-Re-Edited review: Controls for speed and resolution have MAGICALLY DISAPPEARED! :-( :-( :-( Bluetooth controller NO LONGER WORKS. Why screw up something that worked well? DO NOT UPDATE unless absolutely necessary. You have been WARNED!!! Marvelous

I use my earphone input regularly to play/pause videos. However it only sometimes works on the app(always worked up to a week ago). It works 100% on other apps so it's definitely an issue with the YouTube software Superb!

Almost perfect. Only thing I don't like is after you searched for something, pressing the Subscription button doesn't go to the subscription list because it is blocked by search results. Very irritating! Great job

All I ask is that you give me the option to remove fullscreen mode after finishing a video without having to tap my screen an infinite amount of times. That is literally the worst design choice I have experienced. Please for the love of all that is holy just let me remove fullscreen by tapping in the corner like I usually do when I've finished a vid Fantastic

Hi, I have an issue with the app, I can't go through the tabs anymore. They are all blank (white) and need to exit and restart. It happens usually when I minimize a video and want to go to home tab. Please fix this. Also, improving the comment section and notifications would be nice (for example, to read tge full comment and reply within the notification)Thank you. Enjoy it!

I can give it 5 stars... but I have a issue with the offline videos. I can't see them even after downloading them. It shows some error and no connection when there is no network. What is the point of downloading them when I can't see them without network(offline). And they get automatically deleted when I remove the YouTube icon from "recently used apps" (RAM). PLEASE HELP ME. I LIVE IN A VILLAGE WHERE I HAVE NO NETWORK. SO I DOWNLOAD THE VIDEOS WHEN I COME TO TOWN. PLEASE RESOLVE MY PROBLEM YOUTUBE...PLEASE... Great!

I love your app even though it crashes sometimes but a recommendation would be to add sub-playlists to the playlists so youtubers can list all of one specific content type in one playlist instead of mutiple e.g. a specific style of recorded gameplay in one playlist with sub-playlists of the different games. All in all though i love this app just needs some minor improvments. Worth it!

I've been using the YouTube app on my phones for the past five years or so. You guys have added so many features, some good and some pretty useless like the ones currently. But why have you added really good features, only to remove those features months or years later, quietly? Especially making some of the features paid. Not bad

The current update made the layout of the homepage similar to the desktop version which shows unwanted content: such as popular channels that some may have no interest in, the YouTube Red suggestions, YouTube mixes; the many things I personally avoid on the desktop version of YouTube. I hope they change it back to how it was previously, it makes me want to avoid the homepage unlike before where it would streamline random content that I do have interest to. Marvelous

Yeah I love YouTube but why on earth does it keep asking me "how are YouTube comments in general?" after I've already answered seriously this survey keeps popping up and bugging me every time I use this app why does YouTube feel the need to badger me with this pointless question please fix this! Perfect!

1) video pop not working for inner videos 2) hitting back redirecting to previous video. 3)video download to sd card required 4) battery draining is more for 37min usage eating 552mah of battery :( Muito bom!

After the last update my home tab has nothing I ever watch on it Channels I do watch the videos are months old. It also shows live videos from people I never watch and topics I never watch like fortnite. Even when I hit not interested and refresh the same videos are shown. Also remove my lists from the top of home. I will always use youtube as long as the channels and content are there but please change my recommendations back. Amazing!

Issues with last update. Comment and video info section doesn't come up when I start watching a video. It says network error and I have to refresh the feed several times before it starts working. Also watch later playlist functions no longer works. Have to play each video individual. Time consuming. Pretty good

It's good, but I have 2 main issues. 1) Everything goes black, but sound continues to play. This happens about 7-8 times a week 2) I would get a ton of random video recommendations, and when I click "Not Interested" I just get more random videos that I care nothing about. This only happens occasionally, but is still very annoying. Cool

Best App Of It's Kind. It's a must have app. People can browse through various categories of videos and watch them for free excluding some. Till date, I have never found a popular video not being uploaded on Youtube. It is fast, efficient and has good AI interface. wow lol

Gimme the download feature Add a way to disable streaming to my tv Stop saying I am offline, I'm writing this ONLINE review as the app counties to think I am OFFLINE, wait lemme check... Ye. Still offline. Not only that I am still watching a LIVESTREAM with an active comment section. I'm definitely offline, aren't I Works great

What are you doing YouTube???? Stripping people's channels as soon as they start to grow big!!! Wow I'm just saying your going to lose out on a lot of people using your app I'm about to start using twitch to watch certain channels you've stripped right off of YouTube!! Superb!

Some people hate this app because of all the ads, but I know that some people rely on ads for them to get any money at all. YouTube is work to some people, and if we don't watch ads, they don't get paid. Sometimes I get frustrated if the ad is really long, or if I cannot skip it, but they never put too long of an ad into a cannot skip ad format. I use it for music and watching videos. I would recommend this app on any day. This app is the absolute best for watching videos as well as uploading videos. And that's all I have to say. Awesome

Not a chance I'd pay for YouTube, so stop asking or change your T.O.S. and flagging system. The flagging system is ridiculous. It seems the only channels that can't get flagged are top 10 and cat videos. I shouldn't have to keep subscribing or waiting for a channel to come back up. Just because someone has their feelings hurt isn't a reason to demonitize a channel and remove it. Good

I have a S8 but the crop to fit function to get rid of those black bars on the side just stopped working. I'm glad that the function to rotate my phone works in the app again, so I can hold my phone sideways instead of going up and down in between videos. But the fact that I can't pinch and zoom is super annoying. If that is back, it's perfect Worth a go!

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