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U 'll should upgrade like sound cloud,can listen to music & do other work at a same time in same in same device,Hope u will upgrade at earliest , Thank you . Fantastic

I spend a whole lot of time here. I love every minute of all we're waiting on is a black theme app for all of us. Brilliant

The Speed and Quality is improving a lot I really like this App to watch my Favorite YouTuber Like FaZe Rug and listening to my Music. Highly Recommend.

O botão do like no app não está mostrando a quantidade de likes do vídeo no Galaxy Gran Prime Duos!! Good

Can you make an update the app and make it possible to view videos while using other apps Marvelous

YouTube is really good, im able to have both my accounts on there, manage my videos to a certain extent and also the feature for zooming in on videos for new phones is extremely helpful and makes watching videos better. The problems I have are if I click on activy, sometimes it just comes up with my channel title and I have to restart the app. Also you cannot access discussion unlike on PC and it would be nice if there was a dark mode too. Otherwise, great app, really easy to use and video quality is great! Enjoy it!

Earlier I gave it a 5 star. But the new update really sucks. I am really frustrated with the new update. Now I am unable to download all videos. Why? Why are you not allowing us to download you video inside your app. I already had complain about Youtube that it don't allow us to download vids in gallery, but tgat can be tolerated, atleast I can download and see it in offline mode but why you stopped that. Now offlined videos says video cannot be played and requires payment! What payment? Stupid programmers. Surprisingly

Less than an hour ago, whenever I try to watch something, the app completely freezes. It doesn't crash, the screen just doesn't respond. I'm able to watch YouTube on different platforms or just from Chrome. I'm not sure if this is an issue on my part, or on yours. If there's anything that can be done, I'd much appreciate it. Superb!

I'm having issues since the last update. I'm trying to watch BuzzFeed videos and I can maybe watch 3 until I click on a another BuzzFeed video and does the buffer circle and shows the play button I hit play it repeats the buffer circle again over and over. So I quit go to a different channel. Let's say a video is 10:30. I click and it says the time is 16 seconds and doesn't play the video. So I have to restart the app. Please fix this. Awesome

when i installed this app and started using it, my life became better, in fact, I have been able to stop time, teleport and run fast. I can transform into whatever I like like I can be an octupus, a cat or a dog or even an elephant. One time I transformed into an elephant, my mom was so schocked that she fainted when she saw an elephant in my room but it was actually me. I even feel gayer than ever! THIS IS THE BEST APP EVER! Works perfectly

I loved the app when I first downloaded it. It has never really given me problems. However, lately it has been freezing constantly and just won't load videos sometimes no matter if I'm on Wi-Fi or using data. I've restarted my phone and the video will play then stop again shortly. It's just irritating. If the app is for watching videos, then it should perform that task better than all the others. Please address this issue as I've seen others have similar concerns. Just wow

I really enjoy this app and it makes long trips enjoyable by using Bluetooth to play music through my radio. A special thanks for the development team for its vigilance in finding, and fixing, the various bugs that spring up every so often! Brilliant

I keep breaking the app... ;-; I'm on tablet, when i have the video playing in tge corner, when i press subscriptions or a button at the bottem, the video audio keeps playing, the place where the video is or was was just black, the rest of it white like the usual, but without the videos or anything. When I clicked the now black yet still ongoing video, it would act like, not full screen, but it would show the little bar that show's how far you are in the video on the middle of the screen. I never mean to do it on purpose, but i broke it like this 5 times already... :V Surprisingly

I like using the app to cast to my Roku but at random moments it stop casting and apparently it says it is still connected to my Roku though nothing is playing. It is easy to make a queue and watch all the videos. The subscription feed is nice to get notifications when your creator uploads(when it actually shows) but it also next to share with your contacts but it the most useless feature. Not bad

YouTube is a Great app. I have just listened to some series of clips. And You tube geniously included a few ads that were EXACTLY on the vibe and genre of my clips. While I surely not going to buy advertised things, I happily listened to full ads without skipping and actually enjoyed the music (giving Google some revenue). Glad to be Google user and shareholder, they are great company (unlike apple who are power and money grabbers which might be good for shareholders but not necessarily for users) Worth a go!

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I have loved YouTube for years now, but I really don't like the new updates! I cannot turn off the control bar with the pause/reverse/forward symbols. Now, I keep hearing random beeping sounds when playing a video. I have deleted updates and reupdated several times with no improvement! I am very disappointed. love it

Since the update they have ruined the viewing experience for Samsung galaxy s8 and s8 plus users. We used to be able to pinch to fill our screens but now that has gone. If you watch creators that create cinematic video with the black lines top and bottom it results in black bars on every side of the screen and a smaller video in the center. If I wanted to watch it smaller I'd have bought a smaller phone! Enjoy it!

I just love the app it's good to use, easy to update, quick to find things, and so MUCH more! The only thing I HATE about this is Youtube red not being free. I need that kinda thing but I am NOT willing to pay the amont they are having me pay. So do you mind fixing that? Thank you!! wow lol

Great app, permission to download some captions (produced by the creators, not auto generated ones)would be welcomed. Also, I am having some issues because of the split screen features as sometimes the videoframes will drop but the video will continue to run on. Flawless

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