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With the latest update, whenever i try to save any video offline, it prompt me to select the desired quality for the video, even tho in the settings, I selected 720p. Then When I select 720p again for the currently selected video and check the box saying "remember my settings", but in the next video download it prompts me again, plz fix this. Using nexus 6 running Nougat. Not rooted. Surprisingly

I told myself I will never pay 10 bucks a month for YouTube Red. However, I tried it for a free 30-day trial. You get a lot more than just add free videos, but, for me, it's worth it for just that part of the subscription. I have spoiled myself, and can never go back to add supported YouTube. Cool

Missing a lot of features. No dark mode and no reply option for comment notifications. There's also this one issue that makes me livid. Every time you leave the video screen or switch to another app, it resets you to the top of the comment chain. This gets very annoying when I'm far down and have to scroll. Fix this... Now. Enjoy it!

It is a good app. but sometimes it lets me down. Sometimes the notifications only show up when I enter the app. Sometimes when I enter my subscription tab it just shows blank and I have to minimize the app and open it again to view it. Sometimes the video freezes when I try to minimize it. Its quite annoying Perfect!

YouTube has now become a major passion building factor for many. Thereby it is extremely important to get it right. The app needs a dark mode desperately. Why no love for Android Google!? Strange that the iOS app gets dark mode first. Omg

Overall good. However, too many ads, and have had video problems since last update with the video randomly stopping with audio continuing, on both my S7 Edge and Galaxy Tab A Highly Recommend.

I have installed this app but whenever I try to sign in it says No Internet Connection even when there is and the videos are playable. I also tried to uninstall and then again install it but nothing changed. Pls solve this problem immediately. Perfect

Please fix comments and replies. I am tired of always scrolling down or trying to like a comment only to end up bringing the reply action up and it is soooo annoying! Other than that all is good. I don't see how you can complain for ads as if Youtube was your typical free app, there is loads of content on here. YouTube Red works great FYI ad complainers. Works perfectly

I was really happy with the app so I updated to YouTube Red. But of course now it has glitches where it will freeze or not load almost every time I try to watch anything. I am constantly having to close and reopen the app to get it to work right... Uggghh. wow lol

It won't play any videos anymore. It just freezes, causing the phone to freeze and shut down. It was really good, worked really well, before this past update. Now, I can't use it. Works perfectly

No complaints, don't use that much. Sucked when it was new. Like all of the personalization options. Not sure if you can download vids yet??? Must have

I m loving it. I just start working on I ve very less view but I m sure one day I will do something better Great!

Not sure if you guys will ever let the app run in the background so that people can keep Playlist playing in the background & use their devices for other stuff at the same time. Marvelous

Having issues on the pixel when when a video is playing in the background and if I reopen the video it shows a black screen, the current video is still playing but I can't get out of the video and am forced to close the app and reopen. Happens at least 5 times a day and it's so annoying 5 star

Awesome App. Add a feature to chromecast video only and Routing audio in the phone itself, so we can hear audio from phone via earphones. wow lol

I got ONE problim ok so if you make a video on your computer and upload it YOU CAN PUT A THUMBNAIL ON IT but if you make a video on your phone guess what you can not PUT A THUMBNAIL ON THE UPLOAD PLEASE FIX THIS STUPIDITY!!!!!!!! Perfect

we want an background play optoin for video as well as audio song... plz make it as sson as possible. i am Andy Desai Good

It's a good app and it improved through the years. But sometimes the name of the subscriptions is in between the subscription box, which looks weird. But that's on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, not on this device (Sony Xperia Z2). Also, it's not possible to watch videos on 1080p or even more. There's one thing, but I don't know, if it's possible: to change the speed of the video on Chromecast. That would be soooo great. Brilliant

I love this app. I will have to get the Red back though. I dislike the commercial interruptions. wow lol

(UPDATE: They fixed it, disregard) Dude, come on app devs. Just keep the YouTube app the same and stop changing things. Running latest version of the app and lastest version of Android on pixel 2 xl and can't zoom to fill. I use that feature all the time and it showcases the rounded display so well. Let me know if I have to turn it on or something, but it was working fine before the update. I'll change my review when it comes back. Marvelous

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