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Widget please Fluent and pretty, just the way I like it. If you brought back the widget then I'd happily rate it five stars

I reverted to the previous build because...EDIT: It's fixed! Yay! The ability to search by "Videos" in the drop-down box has been removed; by default in the new build, a simple search including the phrase"phonearena" presented all manner of unrelated channels and content. If you could reinstate that option, then that would be lovely and much appreciated

Great But No Shuffle Option. Im shocked that there is no shuffle option to randomize playlists. I cant believe they still havent added this optio ..smh!

Playback quality sucks Not liking the fact I can't play videos any higher than 340p quality, my phone does 540p, sort it, please!?

I would rate it 0 if I could Its SOOOOOOO slow! Everytime I try to view a video it takes forever and always says "Youtube is not responding" and I have to close it because if I wait it'll go even slower. ITS DRIVING ME CRAZY IM PULLING MY HAIR AND SMACKING MY HEAD INTO THE WALL

WHY!!!!! I try to view comments on my channel ( mobile) but guess what, YOU CAN'T plz fix this and why do you make things so different between the app and website, to change my settings I have to go onto the website... and certain things you STILL CAN'T DO Y IS THIS!!!

Issues with the new update Whenever I want to watch a video, the video stops sometimes (like how it normally would so it could load more). Before the update, the video would keep playing, but now it'll attempt to load, show the pause/play button for a second, and start loading again. I shouldn't have to close the video I'm watching so many times.

Where's the fix updates? Please fix the connection issues, bugs like some of the thumbnails in "My Subscriptions" won't even load and it's getting annoying. Please fix these issues at next update

Need a little help. My phone won't load the thumbnails anymore for a majority of the YouTubers I watch. It's not a big problem just kinda annoying. If there's a way to fix it please let me know, thank you.

WOW. I can justify wi-fi using YouTube alone. I couldn't wish for the 20s music, British recordings, Old Time Radio shows, etc. to be any better if i'd been consulted first!

#watching-videos Force stop everytime I use it.! When I open the app, every 10 seconds it force stops. Im using android. If you fix that, then I will rate 5 stars.

Connection lost! Please fix the connection to server lost issue. It kind of defeats the purpose of this app if I can't use it on my phone over wifi. Please fix for 5 stars.. Recommend to download YouTube APK.

Must have! It's a no brainer, great app. for most any info,entertainment, music,etc... that u ever want to know!. Recommend to take YouTube APK.

A slight problem! In the new update where can i find copy url...earlier it was der in d option but not now....makes sharing videos reallly complicated i have to open utube on the internet fr urls as the app does show d url...please so something abour it. Recommend to download YouTube APK.

#watching-videos Fantastic app! This is a very good app. And if anyone ever wants to play minecraft or minez with me my skype name is tiger060698. the names chloe and I'm 14

#news-feed great app + suggest! love the app but it would be nice and really cool if it was ongoing so if i am listening to video and want to go do something else on the phone but still listen to what i am on youtube. If someone can do this the app would be more popular than it already is.

Happy face! It works again! :D i still wish they would go back to thelol YouTube, with the swiping and whatnot. Way easier.

The old version was preferred! I like many others, enjoyed the horizontal swiping rather than the nonstop scrolling. I really loved the previous update and this "new update" is a serious down grade. I really enjoyed the "related artists" and other tabs, this newer version is disappointing, I recommend not upgrading if you haven't already. But I love YouTube. Thanks for your time!

#news-rss Revolutionary! I think egeryone agrees that youtube is the most amazing thing in existence. Its just brilliant. *****. But the last 5 vids ive tried to watch havent played and its said my connection is fine. Its a either problem with youtube or possibly my samsung so im still giving it 5 star

Just Perfect!! Don't know what everyone is talking about. The UI is amazing, there's no video lag, it's a lot faster, & no landscape problem. And that's saying something considering I have an old phone (Moto Cliq). I guess people just don't like change.

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