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Doesn't show video properly and sometimes doesn't showing any page on youtube. Pls correct it Fabulous!

Latest update won't show more than 12 or so favorites even though it stays I have 40... Please fix Cool

Why would you go from tabs to an accordion style. Major step backwards in functionality. The update maybe good for video quality I don't know I didn't get that far because they jacked up the ui. Went back to previous version hopefully Google will see the light and return our tabs. Recommend

Something is wrong with YT... My playlist wont go on only the 1st and 2nd video and if I skip it the same song will come up... Try using a different device and different account but it wont work Not bad

I can't look at my entire playlists. It won't load after a certain point. It keeps saying that the playlist has been edited even though I didn't do anything. Plz fix this. At first it wouldn't load so I just backed out and went back in but now it won't fix no matter what. Perfect

It's good but one small problem.. When I click YouTube, it says unfortunately, YouTube has stopped... Please fix it. I'll be bired without watching any videos. Highly Recommend.

I have been watching youtube for a pretty long time now and i realy love it it always brightens up my day and when im feeling down its a goed way to get my mind out of the clouds than you very much Flawless

Don't get me wrong... I abso-flipping-loutley love the app... normally I'd give it a 7/5 but now I can't watch the videos I want to I can hear them but I cannot see them... all I want is entertainment ;-; Pretty good

This update sucks...this is the first time I've seen the app crash so many need to fix that !! PS: I'm using Moto G4 plus Awesome

I really hate the new bar at the bottom! It looks ugly and isn't as convenient as the old way! Also the white header and bolder font is awful Perfect!

YT can you please fix loading the playlists? It refreshes and says playlist edited but it no longer displays ALL videos on the list. Fabulous!

This app is awesome And now we have all movies and videos in HD But it has lots of advertisement BTW this app is good Works great

YouTube is the best thing ever because you make a lot of money and it is funny to watch a YouTuber mess up Worth a go!

De las mejores redes sociales y contenido variado de entretenimiento, cultura y noticias, al app es bastante fácil de usar, es muy práctica y la interfaz muy elaborada Superb!

This is good..but now there are too many is the main problem i face about some monts....plz keep it solve...plz plz Must have

I'm having issues with this new update when playing YT through my chromecast , the first video plays just fine but when a choose another one, it gets out of sync and the sound comes out of my phone instead of the TV Worth a go!

App is so much good far enough. At least write what's new in updated version. Minor info like, reliability improvement or something would suffice. Well done!!

Must consume less data . YouTube​ is not only for 1st world and cities . Must work for 3rd world and village Works great

Enjoy youtube? Well watch as all the useful features are replaced with new designs to try and get you to watch more. Quantity over quality, functions removed until you have no choice but to follow or stop using the app. Ill use a browser for now as the app is terrible. Whomever is responsible for recent changes shoukd be fired Muito bom!

I don't know why people are complaining about there being too many ads. That's how their favorite content creators get paid so they can upload on a regular basis. I feel like some of the content restrictions YouTube's big wigs employ are trash. Namely horror content or the less popular comedy channels get the short end of the stick, but other than that, yeah... keep the ads coming. Great!

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