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All the stuff I needed was all togther but now its all spread out. B RING BACK THE OLD LAYOUT Muito bom!

Im always on youtube but its beem really laggy and slow from a couple updates. Its bad enough where i cant type. When it works, it takes forever. Please fix this. It frustrates me to the point where i dont want to go on it anymore. Fabulous!

Vertical view videos are now WAY too small! Holy cow it's almost impossible to watch now unless you watch in full screen Amazing!

Look guys i know your trying to make it more kid friendly but now ive de evolved to pornhub and brazzers for most of my veiwing needs Surprisingly

Can you fix the comments every time j try to post a comment on a video it won't enter text mode and pops up (problem with network 400) and scrolls to the top. Be a really solid app if it works. My phone is a galaxy s7 Surprisingly

Nice update..Pls tell me. How to remove videos with out login . I am getting stupid unnecessary videos. If I try to remove videos its tell me to login Perfect!

When will android get dark mode im patiently waiting the white background after watching a dark video is blinding please update like iOS would make the app even better Pretty good

Does what it's supposed to, but far too many ads, too bad there isn't an alternative. Muito bom!


Introduce a feature to pay the audio in background please, without having to stay on the app. Marvelous

I like it but ads tho pls remove them. some of them are about porn and sex Great job

I'm getting an error message now every time I try to add a video to my favorites playlist, and it's just normal videos and I really don't understand why this is happening Worth a go!

This is the app that I use primarily on my phone. I just wish that YouTube cared about their creators as much as they cared about the money and keeping YouTube afloat. Work on the basics first YouTube. Trust begets trust. 5 star

It's not just for entertainment , it's for learning more knowledge . And a little suggestion if there in option only for listening audio while when using any other app . If we come out of you tube automatically the video and audio stop . It will be useful while listening songs Works great

It would be great if you could easily upload subtitles for other people's videos. It's inconvenient to use pc or visit desktop mode just to upload sub files. Omg

Has gotten worse with time. A few updates ago I would have given it more stars, but the last few updates have made it worse. The previous update it just randomly started up with a blank white screen, so I would have to close it and reopen it to watch anything. With this latest update it crashes and freezes constantly. Seriously, whatever you're doing with this app behind the scenes, stop. Just stop. Highly Recommend.

Anyone else having the problem where the videos are choppy and look like there running at 20 fps even of you have it locked to 1080p Flawless

Sometimes working better.! But lot of times not working! Always shows " PLEASE check YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION " but my connection is good. Works great

Great, some problems but it would really make it improve is to have a dark mode so it's not so straining on my eyes or other people's. Great!

Every time I'm into 5 min of a vid it says youtube has unfortunately stoppedddd love it

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