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I like to see a complete Windows experience on Android/iOS and would love to see Maps brought over to the other platforms as well... Id love to have the ability to view my recently visited places, mark important locations and set directions on my PC and have it reflected on my phone The Microsoft App also needs to offer a universal sign-in for all other apps if possible, so I dont have to sign in on every app (or web service) Flawless

بهترین روش برای نصب نرم‌افزار های این شرکت Go well

Microsoft got almost all of Windows 10 apps on Android. Requesting if you can port the feature-rich windows calculator to android as well. Would be much appreciated. Also requesting apps like Cortana and Groove to be available worldwide and not geographically restricted. Marvelous

Microsoft apps are good in android but pls launch groove music in windows 10 for android with the album and metadata editor!if it is launched i will be the one who download it first.pls microsoft launch it for android Great job

so recently I had to switch to Android from a Microsoft phone and the thing I miss the most is groove bc u could change the album art and as we all know, play music sucks. So i installed this app and went looking for groove and it's apparently not available in my country! Which sucks too. So I hope that's remedied. Marvelous

The Continue on PC functionality is too slow to be useful (besides the need to direct connection) . I'm sticking with Pushbullet. Recommend

Provide Groove music in India idiots I'm a lumia user becoming of Microsoft killing its phone so I want every minute lumia apps Perfect!

The "Continue on PC" feature should respect users' default browser choice, not insist on Edge. Perfect!

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Wow! This app does everything I need it to do. Best design and implementation I've seen. Omg

I enjoy Microsoft Products and this app makes it easy to find more. Thanks! :) Worth it!

Thanks, but please Groove music available in India. Also windows phone keyboard if possible. Missing WM already. Omg

Thanks, but why groove music not available in India. Also please bring Windows Mobile keyboard. Go well

I want ms acess in this app but that is missing .but i don't needed apps are there .sooo pleasee bring ms acess aplication on this app Awesome

I enjoy Microsoft Products and this app makes it easy to find more. Thanks! :) Highly Recommend.

It's a great app, but it's missing a few apps as far as I can tell. I tried downloading a screencast app from the Microsoft store on PC, and it doesn't hold the app, or any similar, on Mobile, where it says it's available on Mobile. Go well

Continue on PC is great. Some annoyed that it won't open links in Chrome on their computer... Well that is because Google doesn't do Continue on PC. It is a Microsoft technology similar to Apple's equivalent. Chrome is not capable of doing Continue on PC and besides Chrome has lots issues on computers, memory leaks for instance. Enjoy it!

I have got Cortana on my Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone and love it. Unfortunately, Cortana is not supported for my Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 tablet. Hopefully, Cortana will support Android tablets soon. Perfect

Unfortunately, I cannot keep this Android app because the app cannot be moved to secondary storage. I'm like every Android user and have limited available space on primary storage. Because of the OS and other required data that must be stored on primary storage, I have to move apps to my SD card after I install them in order to make room. I understand that users must first install apps to primary storage on Android. That's fine. Users should then be able to move apps like this to Secondary Storage in App Storage Settings. This app does not allow that. Sadly, I have to uninstall this app now since I don't have enough space on my primary storage to keep it. To be clear, developers can enable apps to be moved to SD Cards. I understand that there are legitimate reasons why some apps can't be moved to secondary storage. For instance, App Widgets or Alarm Services will no longer work from apps run on Secondary Storage. I'm not sure if those examples apply to this app, but again, my opinion is to let the user make the trade off. Some users like myself will give up features just to be able to move the app to SD Storage. For me, it's better to be able to keep an app with limited functionality than have to uninstall it altogether. I've heard that some developers prevent their apps from running on SD Cards simply because the app may run slower. I surely hope that is not the reason with this app. My opinion is: Let the user decide. As it stands, I can't use this app at all because I don't have enough space to keep it installed on my primary storage. The reason that I believe this app deserves a lower star rating is because the developer has the option to allow this app to be moved to SD cards, but the developer has not implemented that. Furthermore, other competing apps in the Google Play store can be moved to SD Cards. SUGGESTIONS FOR THE DEVELOPER: If there is not an unsurpassable reason to allow users to move your app to SD Cards, then please change the "android:InstallLocation" attribute in your app to allow it to be moved to an SD Card after installation. If you are worried about a second-rate user experience, then simply display a warning to the user of the functionality that will be lost by running the app from an SD Card. If you haven’t heard this suggestion from other users, then please keep in mind that many are probably just uninstalling your app when they run out of primary storage space on their phone. Users with an SD card in their phone usually have tons of available storage there, so there is never a reason to go through those apps and uninstall them. In other words, another good reason to allow your app to be moved to SD Storage is the users are much less likely to uninstall it to make room for other things on their limited primary storage. If there are legitimate reasons that your app can't be moved to a device's SD card, then please at least create a setting in the app that allows users to store the App Data on the SD card. Thank you so much for considering my suggestions and feedback. I'm passionate about this because I would otherwise like to be able to keep and use your app. :) Worth a go!

I'll still use windows xp p4 system pls give me suggests however I can dropped my self third for my PC in his new update. Works perfectly

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