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increase your speeds....i have a premium account in kenya first it was working well but niw it isnt...the dns mode is theoritically not accesing the internet please help Fabulous!

Good app but your need to improve DNS SERVERS speed its very slow speed thats not good fix pls guys. Perfect

App is wonderful, but the dns server stopped trasferring data after a certain period and need reconnect again and again to regain the data speed. Amazing!

very slow vpn but gives free net..the slow dns vpn is faster ..speed your need use slow net even if it is free.. Great job

South Africa this is a great app. Been using it for over a year. Obviously they have an issue that just needs to be resolved. Awesome

Is there any other app like your freedom with free internet subscription service Omg

I'm in South Africa and it works on MTN and Telkom and sometimes on CellC. On VodaCom it doesn't work at all. But I'm happy with overall service. When it stops working just check for an update and it will work again Great job

Vpn service is good but its very irritating when it works for two days and then stops workomg then works for two days then stops working its like we are paying for a loss Enjoy it!

VPN service is excellent and there is a huge selection of servers but the gui is very sluggish, especially on slower devices. CPU usage very high as well but that could be due to the DNS mode. Perhaps if the gui is streamlined I'll give it 5 stars. Cool

This version keeps on disconnecting , I can't update until you guys fix this. Thanks for the amazing services though. It works well on old versions, Danke. Well done!!

Why it's keep on reconnecting now? I'm using dns connection. Before it's good. Something wrong with the servers Cool

I have a problem with it shutting off when my screen or phone goes to sleep after a minute.. please help Worth a go!

Hi everyone I've got samsung Z4 and i am trying to find your freedom vpn client but the phone powered by tizen store (not google play store ) that is why the above applications is not available . Can't you people sort above app out n tizen store please . Kind regards Asif koya Marvelous

For whom is complaining on your freedom in lebanon enable expert mode in general settings enter to connection and go to second page go to dns query and choose AAAA dns type . Omg

برنامه ای که تاحالا دیدم. عاااااللللیییهههه Works perfectly

I love this app only problem is the speed l don't mind paying for stronger servers so to have speed Internet 5 star

wow!!! I love this app before speed was very slow... now speed very good...pls keep it up... thanks Fabulous!

This is a good app, speed is low but yet something is better than nothing... works good in disputed areas where government often snatches internet Muito bom!

DNS is slow compared to the old versions. Edit: Thanks for improving DNS speed (4mbps). Worth a go!

Am being honest i hope this update has speed course the previous one was running in a low speed very low Flawless

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