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BEST YOGA APP OUT THERE. I've tried a few, all of them offer a few workouts for free before asking for an absurd amount of money. Not here!! Down dog has a ton of free yoga sessions, including a beginners guide where they show you the most common poses being used in future workouts. Easy to follow, great music, narrator sounds like a majestic, magical being, aaaannnd did I mention it's free? There is a "pro" subscription that opens up every workout but it's actually fairly well priced at 49.99 for the YEAR. That's right, a year, for $50. TLDR: JUST DOWNLOAD THE APP Works perfectly

Can't get enough of this app. Been doing yoga with it now for around 4 months. Started as a novice. The sessions evolve as you go along, haven't done the same workout twice, it is progressive but I haven't found any new position or exercise too much too soon. Well worth paying for the full version. Pretty good

I use this app 3-5x per week for my practice and it is amazing. I liked it so much I actually paid for it and tell everyone how awesome it is. However, I am currently pregnant and still want to continue but I will not be able to do some of the poses. It would be amazing if the put a pregnant "boost" in that eliminated the problematic poses-ie deep twists, lying on back, etc. Bonus points if they separate it by trimester because I can do most things during the 1st. Not bad

I love Down Dog. The practices are easy to follow. I enjoy every thing about this app. The only thing that could make it better is if it automatically connected to the health tracker app on my phone. But who really cares about that? Love it! I use it every single day. Most of the time twice a day. Superb!

The music is so soothing and I love the easy to understand direction. I don't have to look at the app to know what I'm supposed to do! I also love how this seems to be easier...before I realize it the session is over and I'm left feeling refreshed and stretched and so much better. With other apps I quit early because they're too difficult! I enjoy that this one gradually adds more difficult poses each day not all at once. Thank you!! Superb!

Finally. I've tried lots of yoga apps, didn't try this one because the cute doggy logo made me think it would be all cartoony or for children, but I'm glad I did. It's so pared down, just yoga. No points, constant asking you to link to social media or ads. The instructors voice is also warm and real and makes me feel like I'm in a real class with a real person. Thanks! Just wow

I've been using this for over a year now and it has helped me so much in fighting through my depression and anxiety. It was difficult at first as I was very unfit, but now, after a year, I can see the difference. I'm toned and walking around my hilly city is no longer exhausting. I barely even have panic attacks anymore (medication has also helped masses but it's lots of little things like yoga that also make a difference). Thank you so much for making this app! Great job

I love everything about this app. I tell everyone wanting a home practice that this is what they need. You pick the time, level, speed,etc. Provides video and audio to make it easier to follow along. Never have the same sequence twice, so you don't get bored. Muito bom!

This app has changed my life in ways I would have not ever imagined an app could. I feel more grounded & complete using the down dog app on a daily basis.. I get the practice, clarity and progress you could only hope to find in trying a yoga app for the first time. . But with it you truly get so much more, it's one of the only apps I recommend consistently to friends and family and I will happily keep a part of my daily routine and life for time to come. Many blessings to the down dog community, this app truly means so much to me! Flawless

Subs charges are now way too high. Used to pay £2.47 a month but had to take a break. Now come back and it's nearly a fiver at a discounted rate ? And for what? A fairly static app. Very cynical. Think I will look elsewhere. Pretty good

Absolutely stunning. I have never had a more useful health app. It's beautifully designed and user friendly, has great, diverse content for practice, and always offers a fresh way to practice yoga. I will always suggest this app to my yoga-interested music students! Fabulous!

This app is amazing for doing yoga. Programs of any length, any difficulty. Trial version with included pro settings have amazing options for speed of practice and type of music. I can highly recommend this app! Even though I cannot currently afford the pro version, I'll continue to use it with the slightly less settings, as the practices are amazing. Thanks, Down Dog! Perfect

Only yoga app ive ever followed through on. If your a serial procrastinator in need of an app that will not let you get in your own way, its here. Great job

This app has encouraged me to practice yoga everyday. I have practiced at classes for a number of years although can find it difficult to keep on track with home practice, down dog has helped me achieve this. The instructions are very clear and the practices vary to meet your needs. I would highly recommend this app to help support your yoga practice Recommend

Excellent yoga app. I got it based off other reviews commenting on the variety of routines. That was spot on. Each session you start will be new. I like this compared to other programs that repeat the same 2 or 3 sequences. App has many features too like music on/off, instruction on/off, and choice of session length. Another cool feature, if you're into music, is the title and artist display for whatever song is playing. I find myself checking it often to go find the song later. I always go for the free version of things but paid the full year subscription with down dog because I felt it was that good. It hasn't disappointed. Superb!

This app is perfect, my local area had lost all it's good instructors so I didn't want to pay for sessions I wouldn't enjoy, but this app has allowed me to have semi customisable practices at home, plus I won't outgrow it anytime soon because there's multiple hardness levels to go up to. (I love it so much I paid for the premium while it was on sale and it rocks) Worth a go!

I have really enjoyed using this app, the voice prompts are very helpful and the gentle reminders of positioning various body parts are great for this yoga practicer who has never taken a yoga class in her life. I love the customization of the duration of each session so I can make it fit my schedule. I also love being able to choose areas to focus on, as I often need low back opening or hip stretches. This is for the paid version, the developer was very smart to give a couple weeks free of the full version and once that was gone I realized what I was missing. $30 or $50 isn't that much to pay for a year when you consider how much you would pay to go to a gym or classes. Not bad

☀️ This yoga application is the best I ever used. The explanations are clear, and they give the sanskiy9name of poses. I LOVE IT. The music is not my favorite and disturb me a bit but I can switch it off, so perfect Marvelous

Down Dog is my favorite yoga app. I have been using it daily to health and alieviate my lower back pain. Restorative yoga setting is the best before bedtime. The app is so smart and pushes me deeper into my practice with each session. Good

Second class I'm taking with this app and loving it. I like the fact that there's no videos so you go straight to the point, you know what you are aiming for and instructions are very clear. I think it's great if you already can practice on your own, not sure as a beginner it would work as well but when you start I guess it is recommended to go to a studio where the instructor can correct you. I'm looking forward to my next session. I love the choice, the pace, the yoga flows. I would highly recommend this app. Worth a go!

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