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It's good, not the best. There are a couple of players in play store which are better than this. It is good for Terrarium TV. Overall nice app. Great!

I've reverted back to using 'discontinued' player - which you can still use by selecting from settings- huge misrepresentation that you have to download Yes Player. I've had nothing but issues with my phone since downloading it- there are still plenty of ads (mostly on screen through play/buffering!) and way more buffering than before. Works great

Not sure why I'm getting ALL these ads randomly popping up on my screen but they're VERY annoying and drains my battery...if you can fix that...I'll give it a better rating wow lol

It's the best app and has helped me alot.... It's reliable and has less ads compared to others Must have

As someone said already, we are damn lucky to have such an app like Terrarium. You could be spending over 10 pounds/dollars a month for what could be a handful of shows from BOTH Netflix and Amazon, yet this is free. Ads are a non-debate when you're watching your favourite shows for FREE, especially when said shows are uploaded right after they've finished airing on TV. Absolute selfish babies. Fantastic

Most people complaining don't even realize how fortunate they are that apps like Terrium exist. You usually get an ad before and after movie and tv show. The ad only last around 10-30 seconds and you have the ability to skip, like on YouTube. The YesPlayer is faster and more efficient. There is a wide selection of movies and t.v. shows. For example the original Teen Titans and original SmallVille show is on the Terrium app. Want my advice? Ignore the kids complaining about something so insignificant. The app could remove all its ads and add more features and they'd complain about it still. Recommend

Had to download to use terrarium tv. Worked fine until last update, now I can't ff/rw/ or seek. If I stop a movie, I have to start from the beginning. What happened... UPDATE!! MUCH BETTER. awesome app now!! Perfectly happy witit. 0^◇^0)/h Fabulous!

Watched the entire series of Boardwalk Empire in about 3 weeks without too many problems considering I live in an area with a poor network. Great job

Terrarium Tv is amazing here are steps to download first search terrarium tv apk click second link hit install Works perfectly

This player still lacks the option to synchronize subtitles. Could be the best but is still not. Go well

Lot of movies from old to new in a lot of good selection my my my choice is to give a good review Just wow

Loading the videos pretty fast not bad but I haven't seen adds yet but if there was a way to pay 2$ or even 1$ to stop the add will do it since it loeads the videos pretty fast to watch my shows Muito bom!

It's amazing for a free app all these people complain it has ads well you gotta pick ads or pay I pick ads it's an amazing app I recommend it Great!

I read all the reviews and all I hear is a lot of [email protected]#hing for something that is Totally free....I could understand it if you had to pay for the app. but you don't!!! You better enjoy it while it lasts cause I'm sure they will eventually put an end to free anything. I totally love this program!! There are so many shows I would never even know about because there is such a huge selection of programs.....The only complaint I have is I wish you could make a spot to put all the anime in one's takeing over the whole program.... I'm just making a suggestion.... NOT Complaining.... Muito bom!

BEST EXTERNAL PLAYER EVER!!! Yes Player is actually AWESOME. It's FREE. And umm... It's FREE. Without it, I can not utilize Terrarium (which is THE BEST EVER). It's WAY better than MX Player. I can actually use my fire stick remote to control volume!! Yep, there are ads after every movie or series episode. SO WHAT, IT'S FREE. And my ads are quiet, and skippable (just hit the back button and the ad is gone) This app allows everyone to DROP their $100+ TV entertainment bill. THANK YOU to the developer!!! Surprisingly

Works okay, but freezes when fast forwarding or rewinding with the loading circle for a long time. Sometimes the only way to play again is to exit and restart. Its the same on three other android devices, I don't have this problem with other media players. Also it doesn't remember last volume setting. Marvelous

Apps is fine but due to ads video I'm watching stops & doesn't continue & I end up watching from start Just wow

It's a good basic player. Wish it had the option to adjust the subtitles synchronization. Needs more features, its too basic honestly Superb!

Jeez... To the people complaining about the ads, this app is FREE! That's the reason it's free so of you don't like it then purchase an app with no ads. Ungrateful jerks!!! I love this video, thank you!!! Brilliant

Had to download to use terrarium tv. Worked fine until last update, now I can't ff/rw/ or seek. If I stop a movie, I have to start from the beginning. What happened? Also, there are no user settings to select a preference?! Come on. ... Enjoy it!

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