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App is great when traveling in unfamiliar surroundings. Timely suggestions routinely appear in the notifications. My only drawback has to be when driving, you location doesn't change quick enough so often it will give you selections based on when/where you opened the app or search. Overall, I use the App as a guide. 5 star

Yelp is one of my favorite apps of all time! I'm a 3 year elite member and I get to do awesome things. You should download it if you havent. (Which would be crazy) Muito bom!

Its therapy to be able to communicate your experiences(good or bad) with your community of fellow consumers! I really enjoy having help at my fingertips. I rely heavely on the honost reiews when I find them. Though I do know that businesses give people perks to post favorable reviews...there are plenty of genuine reviews. Worth a go!

The handling of the app can get a little confusing when adding pictured on updates but other than that it's pretty smooth sailing Must have

I communicate with business on this site, I order food from the site, I get good information from the reviews. Not all inclusive of everything but has most things. Awesome

Very useful app. This can or should help businesses to do better when customers aren't happy or if they are happy. At least gives customers a choice to choose the best option if they are looking for that. Go well

I use it periodically but I never write a review. Even though I go to places and don't get good service I'll threaten them saying I will. Lol Surprisingly

I know that businesses have to pay yelp to have negative feedback removed and everyone can review a place on yelp, but you have to have reservations at a place on open table and marked as being there to be able to make a review of the place . So I can't believe half of the stuff I read on yelp. Yelp elites I tend to believe Enjoy it!

Yelp is awesome. It's a community based app that allows customers to review businesses. You can also get cash back at certain restaurants, and apply to join the Yelp Elite program in your area, or start an Elite community in your area if there isn't one. Yelp also finds new restaurants for you, and can recommend pretty much anything you could be looking for. Worth a go!

I really like this app. It's my go-to. It's easy to use and I like to read reviews before trying someplace. Worth it!

Magnificent app. I love that you can get reviews from actual everyday people. I am both an active reviewer AND reade.r helps me find local new places to try!!! I love it Flawless

I've used Yelp across the country to seek out restaurants, hotel accommodations and attractions. We've been o many places with a small population and Yelp found us something. It couldn't be more helpful. Great job

Always have to check with my trusty yelpers for legitimate reviews of places I'm planning to go, in addition to learning of new cool places to try. I feel I receive more honest feedback from these reviews. Plus, I can personally give feedback reflecting my experiences to the places I've visited- the positive and negative... both I feel valuable to these establishments. Thank you, Yelp! Amazing!

We take for granted how blessed we are to have an arena of millions of people from an array of backgrounds that can candidly and collectively share their individual experience. We are armed with knowledge when making some of life's biggest decisions; i.e. "What's for dinner"? Just wow

Sometimes it can be difficult to discern which reviews are useful but I find the system to be much more fair than say HomeAdvisor who really doesn't allow customers to speak their mind about the service they receive. Thx Yelp! 5 star

I can find any type of restaurant, and have them listed by distance from my location, where ever I'm at, with unbiased user reviews. It's perfection! I am Vegan, so this app has been a lifesaver for me. Go well

The fact that it's March 2018 and you still can't see or edit or add notes pertaining to a bookmark is disappointing Surprisingly

Better than Google maps in a lot of ways. To all of those who take pictures of your food with the description as just the name of the dish, you are truly unsung American heros. Worth a go!

Seems to work well. I'm sure there is some Search Magic in the background to give restaurants higher ratings if they pay for it so I just use the pictures Perfect!

Cool app whenever I see a restaurant I may be interested in I immediately go on yelp to check out the food and reviews to see if its worth my while. Marvelous

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