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i do like this game win great dices sometimes also the weekly chall is good too but the dice masters are totally outragous impossible to win dice master always gets 2 to 3 yahtzees where as u have to use d rolls may get an odd one & they never put zeros anywhere so it not a 50/50 chance of winning n also this new 80s one you brought out is way OTT cmon 5 tokens a time like i say totally ridiculas Good

Great twist on a classic game. You can tell a lot of effort goes in every week to coming up with new challenges and content Perfect

Freezes,lags out,way to many ads even after I purchased dice to have Ads removed. Very fustrating when in middle of game and it's kicks you out,or freezes. Perfect!

Love the game! But recently did an update for the app now my game glitches out. Takes forever to roll the dice. Only updated the app cuz it said they fixed bugs & made faster well it did the opposite for my app. Just wow

The game was awesome until the ads started to pop up every 5 seconds, and the game progressively got slower and slower. Now it's just ads upon ads and lag. Game got ruined quick. Pretty good

My dice keep reverting back to white dice, they do not keep the style I choose. I have to uninstall then reinstall the app to fix it. This is very frustrating!!! FIX THIS PLEASE!! Must have

This is fun, IF you can figure it out. I like playing yahtzee but this is complicated. Every time I get extra dice, the ???? spends them or takes them away from me so I don't get to spend them the way I want to. That sucks. Omg

The new update was supposed to help fix the bugs that make the app crash on my note 3 well its still crashing Pretty good

The thing is I love this game but there are too many Ads and I just got cheated out of a roll and I did the other night too....I feel this game owesme my rolls back...Js Awesome

Showdown tournaments are a joke in the game. I don't usually leave bad reviews but this game is clearly programmed to beat you while trying their hardest to get you to may money for bonus rolls. Worth the time if you want to play other people, but the tournaments are a waste of time. You will lose most of the time. Don't waste your money on bonus rolls. Good

Some of the dice masters are impossible to beat (i.e. the 80s dice masters). It always gives itself a Yahtzee, and if I'm winning by a decent margin it'll give itself a 2nd one to ensure it always wins. Hey developers, if you're reading this... the algorithm needs to be adjusted so that gameplay with the AI is more fair. Other than that, it is fun to play against my friends. Surprisingly

I like the yahtzee game I play with my friends around the table alot better. This game cheats do bad u can almost tell what the outcome is everytime. Needs to be fixed or people ain't gone want to play anyways. No key wants to lose every single time. Go well

I would give this app 5 stars but I've been having issues with stalling. I thought it was due to the advertisement so I paid for the app. When I paid there was a sale on the $9.99 package for $6.99. When the amount came up that I paid for it showed that I did not receive the sale price. After I paid for the app the stalling has become even worse!! It isn't my internet connection or data usage it has to be the app itself. PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE!!! I would like to be refunded the difference that I had to pay due to the sale price not being honored. I can play the Ellen dice app that is made by the same developer and not stall. I prefer this app but it needs to be enjoyable again. FIX THIS APP PLEASE!!! Amazing!

It's a good game. I really like it. Only problem, when you go against the computer it cheaps so that you never win. Computer always gets a really random high score even when you think your going to win. Install to have fun. Don't install if you don't want to play with cheapers. Works perfectly

I loved the original, now there and almost never bonus rolls issued, TONS of ads, and it's pretty close to impossible to beat a dice master tower. Disappointed in this newer version, but still fun. For some reason I stopped being able to see my own fun dice, that's a bummer! Going to possibly think about a new game, if the bugs can't get worked out soon. Surprisingly

I have been playing this for a long time...suddenly I can't use my custom dice...I deleted the app and reinstalled, selected my old screen name and now I have a black screen! Won't load the game and now I am lost...disappointed. Just wow

HATE the bar that comes up when waiting your next turn. Very annoying. Should be able to close it or shut it off. Your prices are ridiculous to purchase extra dice for extra rolls etc for the amount of dice you get. 380 dice for $100??? Wth are you guys smoking?? What a ripoff!!! Outside of that, it's just your typical Yahtzee game. Lastly don't waste your free rolls, it NEVER gives you anything helpful and the AI will more times than not win so don't waste your dice playing against it. Marvelous

My soon to be wife introduced me to this game by simply handing me the phone with a breif explanation of how to play. It is fun, quick, involves an element of chance and also strategy. And i can play friends too. I love it. And i don't particularly waste my time on phone games but on this one i totally can't wait to play! Must have

Why am I losing over half of my games? This has happened twice! I have to forfeit several games and when I do all the people start a new game with me. Sorta suspicious. The game has been lagging and freezing also. Otherwise it's a great time passer! Awesome

So I noticed that the computer cheats. I won against the Lincoln character three times by over 90 points but when the results came up it said Mr. Lincoln won by 185 points. Funny none of the options left for them would have given over 275 points. 80 points yes but not 275. I hate a game that cheats Not bad

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