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One-sided news coverage gives biased angle to current events. Needs a broader spectrum of sources to avoid bias. Muito bom!

I like that it always keeps you informed of what is going on, and it's very convenient all the news at your finger tips. No need to sit and watch the news when you're out and about. Love it!! Surprisingly

2 problems. All articles are completely politically liberal, and damn numbers keep popping up on icon even with all notifications turned off Amazing!

Tha Cheat Sheets sucks and so do those stupid articles where you have to wait until they change the picture to keep reading the article. Must have

Gives me something good to read when I am at the E.R. waiting for my wife after her latest....ahem.....walking into a wall (wink wink). Works perfectly

It's always great to be informed, however it's a very partisan platform, which focuses, with disparity on contrived negatives of other brands, ... Perfect

I like the app. A lot of of good stories. But i don't like a lot of ads. I just wish Yahoo would do something about their ads across all their apps. Continue updating & improving. Omg

I love it! I am a retired teacher and was a political reporter for 15 years. Just got newsroom and it is information CHANGING! Brilliant

I don't like to get bogged down with negative news so I like the couple of headline notifications this gives each day so I can click to learn more if I want. Omg

Mostly feeds sensationalist junk. Not "news" at all. The appbfunctions well and smoothly. My biggest complaint is the app does not let you enlarge text. Most quality reading apps let you enlarge text and reflow it automatically to keep it in the screen. Google News does that and is a better choice. Omg

First impressions-too many unnecessary notifications for unimportant breaking news. Not enough customization of notifications. Otherwise easy to read. Just wow

So far, I'm loving it! Very informative and always has an interesting story. Can't remember if I ever tried to save an article. I think I did but couldn't love it

Great!you out did yourself! Excellent App! Keep up the good work! Well done!!

This app allows me to keep up with some of what's going on in the world throughout my busy day. I enjoy it very much. Perfect

It would be more awesome if there was a way to search info on companies, great app! 5 star

This app is ok. It works ok and the layout is pretty decent. I want to be able to customized the "news" stories, but can't. The news portion is so slanted when I open the app, my phone flies off the left side of my desk. Flawless

Comments are important to me just to have a voice and opinion that can be expressed and see it first hand!!! Cool

Good selection of news sources. Can't log into give feedback on app. Half of the time will not open articles clicked on. Randomly returned top of news feed instead of where I was. No option to hide articles already read. Great job

I have always loved the Yahoo Apps even when it was Alibaba. Very trustworthy and solid tech company. Just wow

Enjoy reading about relevant things but too much celebrity news. Who cares about them? Brilliant

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