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Whilst I consider myself an advanced Android user, I can appreciate that not everyone finds technology as natural as I do and this can mean that there is plenty they may not know about, with regards to their Sony products... And that's where Xperia Tips comes in! Xperia Tips looks fantastic, it works well and provides helpful information in an easy-to-understand way. Go well

Actually didn't know about the emergency details section, very useful. Just wish there were more things on this app Perfect

Would be better if the tips were more frequent and not one every 3 or more months wow lol

My xa ultra which won't support tap to wake but this tips kept giving me the tips that "tap to wake" is available... Strongly recommend to just make all phone support please Worth a go!

Very nice I love the way it shows tips according to my needs, very specific. For those who are moaning about not getting tips, just be sure to grant the permissions it requires. Muito bom!

Sony has the best of all the products It has to be Sony I have been using Sony products all my life and I still trust that if you make it the best Pretty good

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