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Aug 22, 2017

Thanks for all of you who have been a while. I have a look at the moment. The comments for your help The other thing I can get the most important things. The only way I could have a good time Omg

Aug 22, 2017

Its definitely a great app but the only thing I have given it now 4 not 5 star because going very far and disconnection is not issue a little bit of distance when occur then also it fails . Please fix the bug otherwise the app is awsome in speed. Improve more and work with all your efforts to avoid maximum adds in app and provide benefits to people for free. I definitely give 5* when i think that its allrounder Surprisingly

Aug 22, 2017

I had 5 stars but had to bring down to 3 cause now with LG Aristo and LG Stylo 3 Plus (both on android 7.0), I cant receive files cause the reveive button (on aristo or stylo 3 plus) wont detect my send button request. The scanner just dissappears and the screen goes on low light, the i get an orange retry scan button (circle arrow). Please fix :( been using xender since 2015 and now i cant use. Xender has completely replaced bluetooth file transfer in my family since 2015. :( Great!

Aug 22, 2017

This is a nice app, it did connect well between iOS and android. The settings on each phone are different. Only on the iPhone could I select preserve creation date. Problem is only some of the photos were saved on the android device with the correct date. Most of them had the date of transfer. The date of photos is important as it timestamps the occasion. Superb!

Aug 22, 2017

Xender is getting terribly popular among people... The biggest merit is you can also get apps transferred.... So far I haven't faced any problem.... You can share songs, images and much more... But xender team I would appreciate to keep a track upon what kind of files are being shared.. You know even explicit and pornography media is shared through xender... Please take action to avoid your defamation Muito bom!

Aug 22, 2017

Its definitely a great app but the only thing I have given it 3 star because sometime in big file sharing like 2-3gb it doesn't complete if the device go to some distance away from another device and stop unexpectedly and fails. Please fix the bug otherwise the app is awsome in speed. Improve mpre and work with all your efforts to avoid maximum adds in app and provide benefits to people for free. I definitely give 5* when i think that its allrounder Amazing!


One threat detected threat:- android appad GEN17245 (PUA) type:-PUA please fast solution. This threat appears in the scan Quick Heal mobile security app for android Fabulous!


Its an awesome app but now a days I'm not able to open this app after some new updating . It's just flipping between two pages one NEW FILES &. TRANSFERRING. Can u fix the problem Great!


Very Good Apps I'm Using This Apps Every Day, ★ And I Give This Apps 1000 Star ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ ★ Maine Is App Ko Use Kiya Bahut Hi Acha Hai, Fake App Nahi Hai, ★ So Please Download This Apps ★ I Am Using My Samsung Galaxy J7 Gold....14-02-2016, love it


The new update is buggy. Connection automatically disconnects. Some files automatically gets deleted, usually large files. Seen the deletion problem in several different phones Great!


Cannot click next on the first run screen. My phone's screen is small and the next button on the first run screen is out of screen after latest update making the app not usable.. Edit: Thanks for the information, changing the rating now. :) Cool


To be frank it is kinda strange to see anyone say a negative word about this app, it's simply the best, connection has improvement alot, it connects in seconds, I transfer files to PC too flawlessly ... Kudos to the developers, anyone having issues with this app should get a better phone (no offence) Superb!


Its a good app but i get problem while connecting to other android devices and sometime it stop working and a dialoge pop out xender is not responding. Thanks for suggestion Amazing!


I don't care about what other people are saying in their feedback but this is the best app ever for transferring information (music,video etc).if their was a way to give more star I would go out of my way to do it .the app is great...but the app can still be better if when I connect with more than one person I can actually send an information to a particular person instead of to all of them and I would love it if you bring it back to the way it was when you minimize the app and remove the app from minimize the WiFi will off .and one last thing if I can be able to play friends music or movie before I click 'Get' will be great..but regardless its a lovely app 5 star


In shareit user can set transfer channel. Single channel Optimized single channel Dual channels I am using both shareit & Xender in my phone. Xender is good app, userfriendly improve more. Developers designed shareit's transfer progress bar well. It gives user fastest transferring feel. In Xender just showing percentage it gives feel of slow transfer especially during sending movies above 1GB. Cool


*Resume problem* Sometimes when i resume video files they will receive but in another format like temp l can't change the format in my phone so pls fix this and another one is when a video file reaches 100% it stucking and we have buzz or Waite for a while sometimes this method didn't works we have to cancel the transfer this issue started from your last update.So fix this bugs with an update...or give a solution.. Superb!


Not a chance of disappointment. Xender is by far the best data transfer app out there. Its way better than Flashshare or any other wrongly rated top data transfer app. Pretty good


Nice I like the part whereby you can share another fone built in app, but when they get to the other fone they occupy alot of space. Highly Recommend.


It now not work well , many times it slow down. When we want to transfer any files or documents Works perfectly


It's so nice....it is a helpful app.its not having any problem in my phone.the xender team has done a good job...hope they will develop other one too... Just wow

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