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Hey Xender app makers i m currently using s9 plus and its stop transmission as soon as i minimize app or switch to other apps , i have to retry transmission every time it is so annoying plz fix this bug it is very difficult for me to transfer my data from my old phone to new phone s9plus plzz do some update and fix this bug..... Worth a go!

Some people think this is the bad app but this app will change sharing proces with speed this is the simple way to sharing files with anyone this the fastest way to share file this the bestest app ever for sharing good going xender team well done we all with you Marvelous

This app is far better than Airdroid because it has no permission hassle with the external SD card. I also like the way Xender copies files from PC to phone over WiFi, one by one, not taxing the circuits of the router so much. Pretty good

Ever since i updated my Nokia 5 phone to android 8 i cant send files nor receive files even after i updated the other phones xender to the latest version it still cant connect. Xender should be able to be compatible with all version of android. Brilliant

This is very used full app transfer from one mobile to another mobile. Easy to use. Great!

Xender Team I request you to ask me about the features of this app. Please ask me. Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please. Please write wow lol

Best sharing app! But please add that you can "select all" music,videos,etc. Thanks for adding the select all button!! Highly Recommend.

While receive why app asking for 'Grant Permission of Location' for this only 4 stars. My app version is 4.0.0316 and I am using Oneplus5T android 8.0.0 . Muito bom!

After the last update I noticed connect to PC interface disappear. Hope you can fix this Cool

Using this app for many years... Absolutely awesome app to transfer files... Very speedy... But one thing I didn't like about this app is why do I need to turn on location to join ??? Recommend

provide an option to run hotspot without password or provide a permanent network name and password so i dont have to enter password again and again everytime i connect to pc Perfect!

Very helpful in sending apps, documents from one device to the other. Thanks guys. Pretty good

Yesterday I was wondering if anyone is interested in this email address and phone numbers and website Works great

My PC is connected to a wifi. But in offline file transfer data, requires pc to connect wifi of xender. In share it app this process is simple. Can't you make it like that. 5 star

Surprisingly in my nokia 8, xender never ever be able to connect with other phones... Perfect!

I am having problem with permission each time I open xender I have to grant permission to the app then it works can you please tell me what is the problem with this Not bad

Great great app... I gave 4 Superb!

This app in phone allow modify system option option but I every time open show to allow modify 7 option this warse Feature please keep this one time Cool

I used to transfer files between my laptop and phone via hotspot. But now I can't connect my phone to my laptop. Whenever I enter the IP address, the accept dialogue image is shown on laptop, but I don't get any notification of it on my phone. Must have

Is very good and I am sure that we have a able to do the right thing and then we will have what it takes to get love it

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