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Charts provide the info to change the bad habits, learn some new ones and save a little. Just wow

Never had issues with this app, I am able to view my bill, pay through the app and check on my usage statistics, which is nice. Just wow

Was working well at first but now it doesn't work keeps telling me app is not working love it

This app works perfect for me, no issues creating and account. I love it. It just won't let me make a payment off the app, that's the only downfall. Perfect!

Easiest Web site to pay an energy bill on, IREA, Could use help in setting up of a pay site Brilliant

Very much like their website, so not particularly streamlined, robust, or even accurate (e.g., no reference to Renewable*Connect enrollment). While it's a start, perhaps someday both will be much slicker, useful, and up-to-date. Fantastic

The is app is super easy to use! It took me less than 30 seconds to pay my bill! Very impressed Surprisingly

Why not add fingerprint identification to your app? An electric bill is kind of an important document. Allow me to utilize my fingerprint reader to login to my account. It's 2017 now, not 2005. Go well

It would be nice if the app included current and historic meter readings, especially now that Xcel had installed "smart" meters at my location. Marvelous

Summarily unimpressed. While visiting relatives, it wants me to enter my personal premise as an outage location when it occurred in another part of town. It also does not give surge hi and low voltages. At least all of Rolling Hills was affected yet the number affected was very inaccurate. Just wow

Has to type my password every time. Wish it has fingerprint integration. I'll better stick to using mobile browser version, so I don't have to type my password in the app. Mobile browser remembers and autofills it for you. So this app makes no sense after all for me. Great job

Surprisingly good! I admit I was anticipating something more like a web app stuffed into a native shell, but this is actually quite good -- everything looks and feels more or less like what I expect, and all the critical features are easily available. The one thing that would make this even better would be to offer the bill payment and outage report screens as Instant Apps. Still, a great first cut; 5 stars. Perfect

I download the Xcel App and logged in with no problems. I scan it with Kaspersky Total Security just in case any malware..etc... was clean. I paid with bill online to test it out and was a breezy. Marvelous

Nice app. It works perfectly with my Dashlane Password Manager. Will be handy when we have a temporary power outage. Using on Galaxy Note 5 and Samsung Tab A tablet. Recommend

Main tools and reasons I interact with Xcel are now in this app. Clean, easy to use. Fabulous!

Imported all my info without me having to do a thing! Great to have my statements at my fingertips. Superb!

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