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I just like the fact that I can swipe my phone and and see and see my home screen on my Xbox move. My attention is easily kept. Enjoy it!

Smart glass Great app love it like how I can text on it since I don't have mic which that would be really cool it'll we can use our headphones on this app as a mic for less wealthy people I guess I should say Awesome

Amazing Except one thing, I can't seem to find the option to see what the last people you played with. Other than that, it's a cool app. ;) Perfect!

Still not fixed yet? It's been a few days since I noticed it wouldn't connect, and as of yesterday was told that the problem was fixed, but I still cannot sign in. I've reinstalled 3 times with no luck. Awesome

Pathetic Keyboard and pointer on phone worked once after downloading app in the last 24 hours, now it doesn't work at all.. Keeps saying slow connection on my Note 4.... Yet I'm getting 31 mbs download and 21 upload, both phone and 360 are on the same Network and yes, 360 is set up to allow app. Does Microsoft only hire noobs in Java? Perhaps you should either consider hiring more experienced programmers, or maybe switch to Swift or Objective C! Paaaaathetic!

Likes it This app does work all you have to do if you have account you sign into your account and you can chat with your friends even if you're not on the game and stuff and you are you busy and stuff you can still chat with your friends without being on the game so it's helpful Just wow

Works great. Read here if you have connection problems. Works great and use it with 2 different xbox 360. Xbox one has its own app. Make sure you turn it on in the system settings. If you do not have th option for it turned on in the settings it will not connect or work. You also have to be logged into the same WiFi and the profile has to be the same on the app and your xbox. Well done!!

Samsung S5 It doesn't work anymore. It says that it can't connect to the servers anymore. I uninstalled it and than reinstalled it but it still doesn't work. Fix it and I will give it 5 stars Works great

To Avg blkguy Just because something doesn't work for you does not mean it is the apps fault. Could be your device or simply are not competent enough to figure it out. Bad reviews over problems like this are not fair. Ask for help first and if no one helps THEN whine. love it

power button I love this app it's so much easier to type with then the Xbox controller but I would love it even more if after I connect my Xbox I can turn it on and shut it off from the app so like I'm downstairs and I want to play Xbox I turn it on downstairs and walk up and turn my tv on and I don't wait Fantastic

Would be good but..... So I forgot my password. Going through the steps to reset it is easy enough, until you get to the last step, where they email you a code that has to be entered on that page. Problem is, the app restarts anytime you leave it, taking you back to the home/login screen. So going to my email to get the code is useless because it closes out and then the code is no longer valid!!!! Highly Recommend.

Couldn't work I tried many times to connect to my console with everything verified but it couldn't connect! I'm so don't want to get a problem like that, Pls fix. Go well

ISSUE When ever I'm texting my girl friend... it takes for ever to revive any messages from her or any of my friends... it takes about 10 to 20 minutes for me to get a message on my phone and also the screen is white right now and I don't know what's wrong... if you guys fix the mesanges I will buy the Xbox one and I will give you 5 stars... Awesome

Freaking awsome I downloaded the first two and I absolutly love this my controller died and I couldn't watch Netflix or YouTube and this works great only downfall is games don't work but for the meantime this is great I love it and I kinda like it better than a controller Pretty good

Awesome app Now i can see whenever my friends are online tp play so i dont have to turn on my console until they can play Works perfectly

Loving the app! - Suggestion I honestly love using this app, it makes everything faster and easily accessible. However, I feel like it would be cool to add a party feature, so that people who don't have mics for their xbox, can use the mics on their phone or in their headphones. I mean sure people could just go buy a mic for their xbox, but it would be cool to help people cut down on lag so that they don't have to handle the party and the games they play if they have poor wifi connections. They could just use phone data maybe. Enjoy it!

Great Its cool I can chat with my friends just great but u should be able to play games Omg

Just one Problem Very convenient app. My only problem is that it won't load my avatar so I can't use the avatar editor. Its capable of loading all of my friends' avatars, but not mine. Plz fix this problem, its quite annoying Amazing!

The keypad!!!!! Whyyyyyy did they disable the keypad??? I used to be able to type my messages to people on Xbox right on my phone. Including the ability to voice text my messages. That was the coolest feature of this app. I don't understand why they had to remove that for the update. That drives me crazy. Not bad

This app is very cool... This app makes it easy to keep in touch with friends you game with, clans or groups! I really love it for when I'm on the go! I am in a clan; "The Crazed Assassins" that spawn over several first person shooter games and has some of the best players in the world! It is often imperative that we communicate and coordinate strategy ..bla.. bla and so on.... I love this app! Superb!

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