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The free version has ads and at times can be frustrating, but all in all it is very intuitive and easy to use. The presentation feature is interesting and might use it in the future. Awesome

I love it using from past 3 years but just got a bit problem now i use it in English language But its always update by samsung galaxy app store and change interface to chinses I am stay in china but not a chinses so always i have to uninstall and again download it from play store can you plz fix this problem that your app auto take phone interface language Superb!

Very good app. But still some file of xls is not opening. kindly fix it. thank you. Brilliant

This has been my go-to office productivity app on my mobile devices for years now. I use it almost daily. I love that I don't have to create an account or be online to use it. I love that when I paid for the font pack, it's a one-time purchase. The developers keep adding useful features. I've downloaded and tested other apps and found WPS Office to be the best for my needs. Love it! Enjoy it!

This is the best app that i have found in this fields. It never lags, it always run smooth and i can make documents from this application too. Its like i dont need to carry a laptop with me if i have this app in my mobile and yeah one more great feature of this app is that it can convert docs into pdf very easily and without the need of internet.... Just loooovvveeee it..... Great job

can you help please explain to user, why early google scan and warning me to remove WPS download outside play store? i use oppo phone, the phone have come with free version of WPS, but after check and install new version.... google ask ro remove it, and tell me install with google play...its say this app use to collect data and track user... help! Works great

This app is wonderful. It allows a user to access multiple file types which is very useful. I love the editing options. I'd give it a 5 star rating however I would like to suggest introducing the highlight option in mobile view for pdfs since I would like to highlight and annotate in the pdf mobile view. Apart from that wonderful app. Pretty good

It was goodd, but the problem is I hate the ads and if I reopen the document over and over, it wont overwrite the old files... makes so confusing! Great!

The app doesn't support screenshot. It doesn't support zooming beyond certain limits. The highlight colors are very dim. I request u to address these issues. Great job

For a S2 Tablet. WPS doesn't work for scanning. The scanner just don't appear. WPS can't fill out DOCX forms. WPS won't synchronize with G Drive, when I open a file from G Drive, once I try to save WPS try to save it in a different local folder. I need to looking for another app. Just wow

4 star. I hope that they can work on their bookmark tools. Like it is automatically sorted by page or you can arrange it on your own. The current bookmark settings is bad. Ex. Once you bookmark on page 1 and you bookmark another on page 50, what will happen is the page 50 will be place on top and page 1 bookmark will be on bottom. If you bookmark again in page 40, bookmark in page 40 will be on top, page 50 in middle and page 1 is bottom. This things make it harder for user if they want to reread the important part in the file. Hoping you add this feature. It will be 5 star for me Pretty good

i am giving 5 star rating for this app because this app is very useful,smart and simple to use it.can you give me a sp sponsoredship​,i will make video using this app and upload in my YouTube channel.give me reply fast Fantastic

What a delight to have a free alternative to Office. This is a full-featured app with good developers! Thanks for all your quality work. Awesome

The only problem I have is that the work I create and save on my phone won't open on the PC. Perfect

Is there no option for line spacing? I couldn't find any option to decrease/increase the line spacing. Superb!

Best app for office work. Word, excel, PowerPoint and pdf everything in one app. It's features are great and very useful. Worth a go!

Now I can make presentations, write stories, and more, using just one app! It's very useful! Omg

It's good and it allows you to open Micr0soft Word Doc files and also save to PDF Well done!!

Why does it only let me print some files and not others ?(even as same format ) Great!

When I've make my Presentation I found a problem there is no theme for make it colorful. But this app is very helpful. Just wow

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