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I am using this app from 1 and a half years...but unable to monitor contact activities...I have extended supscription on 15th March for 3 months.. but nothing turned up.. complaint via mail too but no replies...kindly look into the matter...provide me a way where I can complaint Works great

I really love your application. But you have to fix some bugs. Time calculations are sometimes going wrong. Moreover if the application is made freeware your image will be doubled. Above all, sound is not getting when the person opens or activates wossip Worth it!

The app worked fine for a few hrs. I paid for as well. I did one for my number to see if it would work. It did for a few hrs. Then i noticed I was only getting notifications for 1 number. Then today it stopped working all together. Recommend

worked exactly for 2 days . though I payed for a month... what cheats... I want my money back. it's confirmed to not work for many hours... and then suddenly comes back on.. erratic Pretty good

Working better but still has glitches. It was working fine now i paid for a new month and its not working. Please fix this issue. I really enjoy using this app. Samsung Galaxy S8 Enjoy it!

Login screen gives error of "email address is invalid" . I was already using app uninstalled it because it hung up and now can't reinstall it. Was working great before the glitch now I can't even get past the login. Paid up until March 2018..Website is inaccessible ,will not load , no contact info . 5 star

December 2017 update: The service has been working with no interruptions lately... It seems they have found a stable solution. Now I can consider my self a happy user. Basic but very useful functionality... Service is almost always down paid for a whole month... received a few days of service!!! Shame Must have

Hello guys, I wanted to try again, but lots of complaints with this app and I don't see any reply. Should someone else trusts the app? * please let us know if you yet alive ok because we need help Cool

Its good apps bt some time its hang n nt working properly. Some time its show more duration victims.and main doubt is its collect how many data n days 5 star

The app works. Been using it for 6 weeks now. Occasionally there's connectivity issues with the server. The app could improve such as displaying activity in graphical form and not just log in/out duration. Overall Good Muito bom!

Worked really well in the beginning, was absolutely spot on. It seems now I am paying for the service it's no longer working to the best capacity. It's not picking up when a person is online, may get 1 or 2 notifications a day when it's more. Not bad

Still facing problem. By evening it gets itbalways gets hanged and also some numbers are not showing even if the person happens to come online. Fantastic

Something is wrong with wossip again. It is not working for some numbers. Would appreciate if it is soon checked and restore as i have paid for many numbers. Well done!!

Fab app and far cheaper than whatsmonitor. Allways worked..could be improved if you could compare two users with maybe a graph?? Still highly recomend this app. Im allways sceptical with these things..dont be its genuine :) wow lol

When whatsapp blocked wossip services it stayed blocked for almost 3 weeks. Developers tweeted that they will extend the subscription for the users. When I asked at the time of renewal they didn't bother to even reply my emails. Rubbish customer service Awesome

If u want to monitor someone's activity.. Then this app is the best I have ever found in play store.. Its cost is very less compared to other useless applications.. Great!

Its a cool app if u want to see whos online when last seen is not avail. Would be nice if you got a day free for each person that you want to checkout though. You can also monitor time spent online with yourself and another party....overall good app. Would be better if you got more without the heavy prices. Great job

Initially worked perfectly. After 3-4months stopped working. I have paid for 3months in advance and now it's not working. There is no way to report the problem through help desk or anything. If there is any email id or customer service number kindly provide . Thank you. Good

pls fix the issue in my sony t2 ultra im not getting notification even wen person come online, it was working perfectly till last 3months , i had paid for 3 months pls do fix the issue Flawless

You guys don't even give extra 10 minutes once the package is expired. What about all the hours have we paid you for, are being wasted because you guys are facing technical issues? When you don't give any extra complementary hours, why eating up our money too? Pretty good

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