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concise dictionary, very useful. unfortunately it crashes sometime. Just restart again…! Marvelous

So far it works pretty good, gives you lots of options with most words so easy to use if you already have knowledge of German Works perfectly

Some of the translation to German seem very awkward. There are better German-English apps out there without any ads. This is NOT "the best dictionary," but it's O.K. Amazing!

The best Wörterbuch on iPhone and not so good on Android. I have Xiaomi and the red button to erase the word with one click does not work :( Cool

I'm downgrading this app since my first evaluation. It is the most complete German-English dictionary in digital format. HOWEVER! The stupid full-page ads that pop up every time you look up a word make it difficult to use and break the train of thought. Who was the idiot (Dummkopf) that thought that one up? Don't mind on-page ads but the pop ups have got to go. Make a pay version if you have to. Must have

Wonderful! This dic is the best English German dictionary that I could find in internet. Several meanings, the plural form of nouns, all verbs, many examples for all different forms of one word and all data that a person needs for learning. The only problem is that I couldn't search in my history or starred words. But generally this is perfect Well done!!

I am delighted with this dictionary. It is a little heavy, but it has everything included, so I guess that should be expected. Maybe an option to disengage the pronunciation files to lighten it up a bit? Flawless

Excellent app I love this app to the max because it is very very useful. 100%. Never came across a perfect app like this one. Omg

I love this app.... When i used it in my Samsung Galaxy Note it was perfect.... But Please help me with my new Xiaomi MI Max I love this app.... When i used it in my Samsung Galaxy Note it was perfect.... But Please help me with my new Xiaomi MI Max..... It says downloading database but does not download it... And has some error and failure.... Please help Just wow

Good German-English dictionary It's a good dictionary. The performance is a bit slow, and there's a small defect regarding the user-friendly interface. Just wow

Great Dictionary A great Dictionary - a little slow in response, and I wish it had audio but I would use it a lot and would download again. Worth a go!

Exceptionally Informative. Hello everybody, if an excellent and enlightening "bilingual" dictionary (ie German - English/English - German) is what you are looking for, then I recommend you to try this app. Go well

Almost Perfect It's the best dictionary that I have found in Google Play. I have a suggestion: change the name to German Best Dict. Awesome

Great dic,I can found anything I needed in it even technical word available. Super Pretty good

Very well done. Would like a paying (pro) version that allows to remove the ads. Omg

John Loeffler Most complete German-English dictionary I've used in digital format. Most others lack a lot of words. Surprisingly

Words not found Schlummerto not available and Ohaupt as well. I'm a singer and would be nice to have these words available Works great

Lot of words with bad interface Good collection of words. But needs lot of improvement in terms of interface. Adding pronunciations would make it awesome app to use. Works perfectly

The best dic ever i used this app freqently i find it so usefull and sampl to use.i hope you(devellopers) introduce more others languages as Arabic-Germany ^_^ wow lol

Slightly old fashioned interface but good functionality. Can be aa bit unstable. Amazing!

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