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Love it. Comfortable and detailed explanation. A way better than pocket dictionaries I used to carry. Anywhere I go, I can use it. Also no need to carry a big and heavy dictionary I use it at home. The best online dictionary I have ever used. Not bad

found every word i was looking for, so far. just a bit slow and notchy to use. room for improvement. thanks a lot. all in all worth download Perfect

A good one. Please add artikel : der, die, das, ein, kein, jeder .... in the explanation of a word for Nominativ , Akkusativ, Dativ and Genativ. Thank you. Worth it!

Easy to use!! So practical...would be prefect if each name comes with the Artikel in Huge Letter: DER, DIE, DAS !! Muito bom!

One of the best but works a bit slowly Great app which works offline and provides a wide range of words. Runs in Eng-DE and DE-Eng modes. Its small disasadvantages include the slow speed of type recognition and lack of function to open it in the multi-window mode (android) love it

Wirklich gut Sehr gut , aber wenn man etwas in Favoriten speichert, kann nicht später alphabetisch anordnen. Ich finde es unbequem. Highly Recommend.

Very comprehensive and practical Clear definitions, sometimes with examples. I had never seen an e-dictionary this good

Good but crashes I like this but it often stops working and I have to reopen and start over.....maybe my Internet connection but maybe the app......

Stops After you minimize it and open it back .. It will stop and hangs on a the same page . still nice one ..!!!

Excellent! As a language professional I can unreservedly say that this is one of the very best of the free German / English dictionaries. I am regularly amazed at how extensive the vocabulary is and how many phrases are included.

Awesome! I'm giving it 4 stars only because it comsumes LOTTTT of space! The best offline German to English (and opp.) Dictionary available so far this app helps me with my German lessons a lot. I'll recommend it to everyone who's interested in word translations English and German.

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