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Great Comprehensive App Love the ability to email my itinerary to Worldmate and have them auto update my account. Has always been a great app. Worth a go!

Great business tool! I have been using Worldmate for the last 4 years for all my business travels and it has not let me down! Omg

A real must-have WorldMate is a real must-have app for any traveler or family members keeping track of their traveler's schedule. You also find great deals for hotels, cars, etc. Flawless

Been using it since Palm OS versions It keeps getting better. Love that now I only have to forward confirmation emails and moments later, it shows up in WorldMate! Still love it! Marvelous

Efficient accurate perfect Works great and fast. With seconds after sending email of booking it was updated. You must puchase the cheap gold profile (less than 10$ a year) to be able to view delayed flights and gate changes etc or if you book something off the app you get it free for 3 months. Very helpful for backpackers and travelers. Highly recommended. Well done!!

I never fly without it! I travel by air every month so Worldmate helps me organize everything. I have been using it for years and it just keeps getting better! Just wow

It good but cluttered. I like the App overall and have a gold membership. I don't like have you can't remove hotel and car rental missing text. It shows up between all my flights and I would like the option to disable it. It is a feature I don't use and just clutters everything up. I get that they make money off this but I should have the option as a subscriber. Not bad

Very Dependable I have been using WorldMate since three years and I must say that I'm totally in love with it. WorldMate takes care of my trips in a very efficient way. Go well

Worldmate Great handy having all contact details, booking reference numbers etc for your airline, hotel, car rental etc on you phone without need for a connection. Simply forward your booking confirmation email and app does everything for you! Pretty good

Nice application, it don't let me miss any flight and keeps remember me about missing reservations and things to do. Works perfectly

Very good app. This is a great app. For my recent travel which had more than 10 flights as well as accomodation, this app helped me retrieve the information I needed in a split second by simply opening the app. The check in reminders were helpful, advising me immediately when check in was available. I did not use the premium version, but certainly reccomend this for all travellers. Go well

Where's my gold? No answer?? Love this app. But now it's asking me to upgrade to gold. I've had gold membership for years, what happened? Marvelous

It helps me updating the news about my flight and all information. Sycning perfectly with google calendar. I use the paid version but it worth the money. Will give it 5 stars if it covered all airlines (included the lowcost one). But I believe it will be useful for ppl who use it. Awesome

Awesome Travel Companion It manages everything from your travel reservations to check ins to deals on Hotels. I can't imagine going back to the days without Worldmate. Brilliant

Amazing app Have very complicated trip coming up with 6 flights. Organised everything for me into full itinerary just by emailing can also include meetings and contact numbers love it

Good App . Been using WorldMate for about 7 yrs Paid for Gold but app never updated. Contacted customer service and they sorted me out . Thanks ! Go well

Good App . Poor customer service Paid for Gold but app never updated. Contacted customer service 4 times with not even an acknowledgment. Take my money but do not provide a service .... not impressed. Well done!!

Rely on it for all my trips. Only issue I have had is sometimes flight times aren't updated. Still the best I've used though and gold is good value. Marvelous

Worldmate I have used Worldmate for many years and although i'm now slowing down on my trips, it is still the best travel app i have ever used to keep me up to date on my flights, hotels and car rental. Highly Recommend.

Using on my first trip I have no idea how I lived without it. Worried if it crashes so got it synced on 2 devices. I'll upgrade in a few months if it keeps being so awesome. Thanks creators Worth it!

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