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This game is awsome the controls are easy to use unless your driving the tank which is very tricky, but its bearable. Also im not a big fan of renting out weapons or paying and if you dont you lose the weapon, but its still a great game Well done!!

The best FFS shooter I played. There are no ads if you finish the game. In addition to this, you can start a game within 30seconds max. I love the graphics as well. Very smooth and no lag at all. The problem i just encounter for now is the accuracy, sometimes my gun cant fire even my cursor drop into the enemy, there is a 1 second delayed if I estimate. But more into that I really love this addicting game. Hopefully there are more army character in different country. Thanks developer for this game. More power. Recommend

Word war heroes is very good game. .automatic firing and beautiful graphics so problem is online and no full Misson. .I every day playing Samsung Galaxy j max tab . It's online game and maltiplayr you can play and so happy friends to all times. My best game world war HEROES. love it

I don't know why but when I'm shooting at the enemies head it still takes them forever to go down but they put a few bullets in me and I'm done like that. But overall a very great game. Go well

Great game, but putting a time limit on all the guns is frustrating, u should only had it to more powerful guns as gaining gold is difficult, if you make the game pay to win, people will for sure get frustrated and leave. Also us not being able to destroy tanks with guns is frustrating, especially when the opposing teams camps inside them as soon as the game starts, also their is way to many tanks for such small maps. And last thing, games need to be way longer as they end way to quickly. Perfect

Great game ruined by either (a) hackers or (b) kids who just have spent literally hundreds of their parents hard earned on the game. I spent a bit of cash to try and keep up as I liked the gameplay but doesnt really make any difference as the game is dominated by people with +15 of everything that can walkaround like the terminator. Shame as visually its great. Awesome

this game is great, but i rated 3 star cuz i wanted this gaem to be like COD: WWII, and like ravenfield. There are NO MG nests, no war modes like COD:WWII, and please, fix the prices! It took me 3 years of full gameplay, 5 hours just to get a shotgun. And please optimize the guns. Overall, really great game! By a youtuber Zombiehunter78oo P.S. Please add more guns and some more features. Fabulous!

Just think that to updates its very costly rather then the rewards money is not much win. Need some improvement to get upgrade points also. Game was awesome just but only one things is wrong and that is apponent shoot you as simply and kill you but u cant kill him fastly. Why its happening. Otherwise good game that i ever play. Pretty good

The game is good, I bought a gun with real money, my purchase was success but the gun and the upgrades I used my real money on was not mine to keep forever. I spent over $200.00. Please it was a legendary gun. How can u fix this. I work hard to earn money. Spending money on things like this but not get what you purchase is unacceptable. Please fix this. I need my moneys worth. Thank you Muito bom!

NEED TO UPDATE. A more in depth update. Thus game can be the #1 fps shoot if yall put better ranking for guns and fix glitching. Major glitching. Reloading and what nit. Sometimes you go to killsomeone and they i guess already been killed but can walk around and cant be shot until they enter a tank. Then they can kill other and still not be shot. PLEASE fix this. Spent money on thr game in hope it will be come something great. Awesome

Surprising good, good bits are it plays well, looks great, alot of great weapon/perk options so you can play as you prefer, ie run and gun etc. The only problem with the game play for me is the weapon selection, it's like using your mouse wheel on a PC FPS, hit or miss. The main problem is it is very much pay too win, with legendary weapons like the BAR only available via chests or purchases, also upgrade points, which give your perks like addition hit points etc are slow in coming, useless you want to pay for them. I'm going to keep at it and see if it improves as I level, because it is a good game and the only FPS I've got on with on a mobile device, I'll either increase my rating, or decrease when I uninstall. If the devs add a balanced game mode, like promod, basic weapons only etc, it'd be perfect. Well done!!

Absolutely in love with it ,been playing it for the last 4 months on daily basis. Just a small request,waiting to get upgrade points for weapons or armour is really tiring,please allow the users to perform the upgrades using "cash" too. Great!

Was great before last update, now it freezes, and half the time know matter what you do its like you are using a bb gun and the other team gets one shot one kill even when they are not even aiming at you, they can even shot thru steel and builings, and even around courners. Pisses me off. Good

When I first started playing this it was a really good game, then the updates happened.... now you'll only ever have a good go at it if you spend loads of money, if you don't you die 're spawn then die again you can unload an entire clip into someone that has spent stupid amounts of money which means their armour is so high it would take a Nuc to kill em. I'll be uninstalling this now. Awesome

Game is great! Graphics are cool. Auto-shoot should not be there, it kills the fun of aiming and shooting. Add more maps. Health replenishment should happen a bit faster. Headshot taken with any gun should kill the person in one shot only. Great!

This game takes P2W concept to a whole new level. its ridiculously hard to get weapons that cost gold, even the ones that cost credits. you guys really need to give F2P players something to compete with... Above all the game is fun to play! but it just gets frustrating sometimes due to P2W model. Must have

I played this game for 45 min so far so good. Graphics are pretty good. Game controls take a bit to get used to but not to hard. Gameplay is smooth for the most part. Will update at a later date when I get more time in game. But game is worth the download to try. Will probably be a daily game for me for awhile. Good job. Superb!

Need: more large maps,more nations, invite player from clan in team deathmatch(not custom game). Fix: shotguns kill as snipers(distance problem), suicide is not counted as a point for the opposing team, stuck in game and tank, switching players to a team that loses because the players left the game at the end of the round. All in all, the game is the best you can find in the market. Pretty good

Close as it gets to Xbox or ps cod... Only thing that negatively impacts it is the fact that its damn near impossible to get good guns or remAin competitive w/out spending a decent chunk of cash on it. Thought it was just that way when I was a beginner but I'm past level 15 which haz taken forever and it hasn't chAnged. Its a shame too. It could be such a great game. I'm the last of my 8 friends originally playing it left because of that very reason and ill prolly delete it with the week. Good

Well of course its the best fps like MSO , more like mso was . Even this game is going to be like MSO unless you guys fix the bugs n errors. Particularly this happens only after we buy gold cos we like it. And after we buy gold .... there you go bugs n errors is free with gold. Just like MSO Just wow

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