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Good game but fix this problem I like this game but It has a problem is when we won the match they not show that we won so please fix this problem. Go well

Awsome If u wanna play a real football game..then u should definetely play this game...its vry addictive..WHAT R U WAITING FOR?? JUST DOWNLOAD IT!!!!!! Works great

Good Soccer Game! Can you add a local multiplayer mode? So me and my friends can play together. Great job

Need Some more Make the player move automatically towards ball like in other game... rest of the features are awesome Brilliant

Awesome It's so addictive, I love it... Just a little adjustment to d names, n kindly make it more addictive like adding players transfers,manager level and co... So wonderful wow lol

Mind blowing Fantastic game . I really enjoyed it. Please correct the players as well as teams name. Talking about the game , its marvellous. Surprisingly

Best Soccer Game Ever..!! Just Download and enjoy this awesome game.. Thanks Mobirix for making this awesome game. Hope your next project will be Street Soccer would be cool.. Great job

Soccerrific fun Easy to play, respondent control and touch friendly. Graphics are better than mediocre too good. Lots of team selections but maybe too many options; it gets a little bit redundant; after all, it's just an app game. I give it 4 out of 5 stars. Great!

Best Soccer Game Ever..!! Just Download and enjoy this awesome game.. Thanks Mobirix for making this awesome game Good

Wow! I expect it will be good.yes it is the best game but the stamina should be not finished and the graphics should be little good.But all fine best game ever.Waiting for more Just wow

Realy superb football game full enjoy and like a real match ...superb I love that Fabulous!

Engaging It is one of my favorite football apps, although most nations are locked and not much challenges but great graphic and easy to play.. Cool

Best Soccer Game Ever..!! Just Download it and enjoy this awesome game. Thanks Mobirix for making this awesome game wow lol

Good game but needs improvement It is an amazing game because it is compact and does not take much space.... clubs should be added and after goal celebrations should be added..... graphics should be improved..... but over all it is an entertaining game.....i would appreciate if u bring in these changes in this game Works perfectly

Unlock problem's Can't unlock my favorite teams but the game is awesome my brother plays it everyday Worth a go!

Quite Good. Needs upgrading. Simple and fun. Would love if y'all could work on the player movement, make it smoother. Also, if we could unlock teams through playing that would be great. 5 star

The game Realy2 like real . And be make me happy . And be me make forget my homework . Hahaha .btw this game ... Superb!

Good game This game could use a huge change . plz put online multiplayer match against who ever you are going against great game though . there is no lag or glitching on my phone keep up the good work!! :) ;) Worth it!

I barely started to play the game. And I already like it. Good game., Thank you.! Fantastic

Magesh Amazing awesome game with this minimum MB greatly enjoyed,,, great work creators thank you Perfect!

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