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World football legue I like it but i am having a problem the names of the foootball player are wrong and nice teams like germany are locked otherwise its super i do not have enough word to say about this game and thank you for makeing such a wonderful game do not forgot my problems love it

Coolest game Just correct the wrong spelling of player's name. Also, also allow us buy players through transfer windows. All in all its a great app. Love it Perfect

Best Soccer Game Ever Good graphics, Good physics, have custom fights and no paying things that's why i love this game, Thanks mobirix. (sorry for my bad english) Omg

Nice game I like this game necks good to play and nice graphics keep it up and some problem for this game first one is no refree in this game please tell where is refree and second problem is commentator we want commentator, please clear this problem this is my request. Good

Gonna give it 5 Gonna give it 5 stars cuz I've tried out like 6 other football/soccer games and this one had A: depth of control, B: Able to change match times!!!!!! Jesus finally!! Started feeling like everyone forgot that we ALL want to set our match times, and C: good game play, enough "arcade style" that you will actually score goals in any given match, but also complex and deep enough to feel like you're playing actual football/soccer, instead of just a wicked sick looking advanced physics engine that plays like $h!t Amazing!

Incorrect Team Classification How is that Israel is listed in Europe and Iran, Iraq... are part of Asia. Develolers need to learn geography. Pretty good

Beyond thinking, superb Really i do not think it will be such app that will provide me real football experiences. This is the best football app i have ever played with low memory usages. Highly Recommend.

Good game though This game should have gotten other league and not only premier league and Chinese league, no champions league or Europa and so on. I should have rate this game 5* but due to lack of other league's I have to hold the remaining star and sometimes they do rob by hanging controlling button's. Cool

Great game but having a problem I installed the game for first time it was working well. After some time when I clicked on it and worked but then it stopped worked. I tried it for several times but the result was same 5 star

Perfect game ever! This is a very nice game that I've ever played. However, I'd like you to update more countries in Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, etc., and I'd like you to update more cups like World cup, Asian cup, Europe cup,etc., not just International cup and Champion league cup, but more cup, ok? And I'd like you to add more leagues, too. If so, next time I'll rate you five again. Fabulous!

Nice but..... BUT the focus should always be on one player as its not comfortable to play, when we tackle the player the focus changes and its a goal or a mess Well done!!

Super I gave three stars because the leagues ate all locked. But ok if we win one league the another league should unlock. U should have done this like . The another one is you should have done like this. We can itself done a dream team. If you fix like this I can have gave five stars to this game Muito bom!

Satisfied Pretty decent game considering its free. Didnt care much about names or whatsoever. Only interested in playing. Easy interface. Could've made the touch controller a bit bigger. Other than that,keep up the good work team. Must have

BEST GAME EVER This game is truly beast it is the best game ever no glitches and nothing lags. The only thing that I have to comment on is the names Surprisingly

All player's wrong names It's odd because some player's names are wrong I have no idea why it's probably a glitch but no matter please fix it sometimes it's Scare's me do some or all of you agree it's odd anyway the game is not bad thanks and take care cool game do all of you agree? Comment section below ok is the game good guys it is not bad for me what for you? Marvelous

Awesome Awesome game with perfect graphics with less MB required far better than FIFA etc etc..And Plz do a favour!"Add Multiplayer mode"so we can connect hotspot and play with our friends!and thanks Mobirix Muito bom!

Just a foot ball It is a awesome game but not like rf real foot ball this game is only on wifi i like this game very can be more gud.. Highly Recommend.

Too many adds It's a really fun game but there is too many ads. I would rate 5 stars for less adds Perfect!

Good, but... It marks offside in corner kicks which makes no sense at all. And you've got to purchase to unlock the main teams. It crashes sometimes but I don't know if is it's or my phone's problem. Really good playability. Highly Recommend.

Every thing is very good wrong name of players isn't problem to me but plzzzzzzz unlock all teams and tournaments without purchases.... Plzzzzz in the next update fix this plzzzz don't avoid my request....plzzzzzzzzzzzzz..........than I'll rate it 5 stars surely it's a promise....plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Well done!!

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