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الهبة روعه زى دريم ليجو بردو روعه Highly Recommend.

Only for real football lovers not for losers and failers like of aayush mahajan in pune in wws in standard 5 aayush and shreyas are the jokers of the class they just know how to padh Omg

This game is awesome and it's really easy to use the controls and easy to cross ankles, this soccer game is number one Well done!!

Dear friends please play this game I am saying that you should play this game Good

This is nice game Sure you want to download first but ane problem we can't hack this game please do correct this controls was good graphics also good this awesome ok thanks for a nice game Brilliant

First I have downloaded this app. Afterwords my mom deleted it and I was feeling Good

Marwan 8 years old class 2C I'm a game happy I'm not Talking game of Happy Soccer Football League The One Game in a The City Download On Google play store And App Store Good Luck Kids Works great

Good Controller r not perfect & plz update it..! Recommend

Cool I can tell that you put a lot of effort in to making this game but the reason there is only 3 stars is that I can not score probably and I easily get tackled. A REALLY NICE JOB GUYS Well done!!

Almost perfect I like the game. But I suggest you update the teams to the current squads, and is it so difficult to use player's real names? If not, I would love to play with players real names. Allow us to unlock locked teams when we win leagues or cups. Please.. Fabulous!

Too good This game is one of the most good game. I downloaded over 50 soccer games and I deleted all leaving this game and the other game with the same brand as this one. Thanks guys for putting me into English soccer league although I'm in Africa I'm on the fifth position and want to be on top of Manchester United kkkkkk. Keep it up guys. But I have one question how do I make my players bigger?. So what are you waiting for download this game and have some fun . Good

I little bit changes are required The game is nice but it must has other features such transparent controls and buttons while playing also there should be a commentary pack so that it feel real while playing. Although its an nice game Works great

Not 5 stars Graphis is good,all are good but only i play no one comes to tackle,why they are standing and why every team is not unlocked what i had to do to unlock it?i am not telling that it is not good game i fell like i am playing rugby game,plz give an update and confirm it.but i am still playing it. Brilliant

UPDATE SOON!!! Good game but improve graphics and goal keeper. Too lags (especially while shooting): please fix. Unlock all teams. Please update soon. Flawless

About app İt is the best football game I have ever played in mobile phone.It is easy, also have high graphics.I liked.On playing this game, looks like to playing on computer.there is much better is great art work. Worth a go!

Nice game It would be perfect if the locked team/league open by winning the league or tournament. Graphic is very nice,took only small space. Even though lot of adds but still 5 stars for me. Disable the WiFi or data while playing the adds won't pop up anymore and enjoy the game. I knew the wrong player names are in purpose...copyright I guess. So it does not matter. Works perfectly

BETTER PLAY Better Than The Old Version I Played. Much improvement. Score 4-0 First Time Play I Think Said it ALL. Smoother Sliding Tackle need Plus a New Style/Variation of Sliding Tackle. Still Hard to Tackle from The Front with only Press or Single Button. Go well

Great game but The foul of opponent is not to yellow and red card but my tackle will be a yellow and red card with only the pressing will be foul and the substitute will use graphic of the out player and I will rate the game 5 star if you include a custom editor for the gamer edited the graphic of the player and the name with the kit. Great job

Great game - wish more free teams It is a great game with just 35 MB and cool graphics. Just wish that they have more free teams. One flaw though... it doesn't work without Wi-Fi. Worth it!

Stop comment You stupid you did not try to do a games. You all just playing only but never do. You try to do a game with no help then you no . Understand pig and you Buffalo stop boring, this is not a comment if you boring don't play stupid.I will never remove Enjoy it!

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