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just soccer game ever i had played..really it now to have unlimited d league is not opening..and also we can't choose the desired game...otherwise its good. Fantastic

I love the game. Easy to controls and take the goal. But player's name on each team dont correct with the real name Brilliant

It is a best footballl game i have ever played .but the problem is that the big teams and leagues are locked and i cant unloked it .please tell me how can i unlock it....please.....,please Must have

What an amazing game but it would be better if it was online because I could play with my brothers Perfect!

Very nice game,as my brother love this game to much and it was good because we are playing this game on tab and i will suggest all to play this in a tab if u apwant to enjoy this game.thanks for making this game. Go well

I love the game but u can't chose the good teams, otherwise you can score goals you've only dreamt of from unbelievable angles like from the starting line and easy to control. They have awesome skills like the 360 and the snake bite which u can use on the goalkeeper and works. Download now!!! Tip if u do download long press press button till u get the ball and press skill once for snakebite and twice for 360. Go well

It is quite good because the graphics are a rusty but apart from that it is a good game Works perfectly

Liked it It is very good because it is easy to control. The only bad thong is that the players names a spelt wrong . Can u Fix it pls cos its annoying Great!

Pls open the locked teams try to allow more time for reply and also let there be transfers and the game will be more realistic!!! Not bad

It is a amazing game I have never seen before like this game amazing teams,players and skills are amazing. Works great

Its very great game which can be modified by yourself to how you want it. Good one Go well

Graphics can be made good and interesting That's all everything is excellent and fine Worth it!

Amazing it is a good game it's really like real football if you have fifa it's like it well you can pick what team you want but you unlock the team's Fantastic

It is a very good game . You can win easily and the game works smoothly and it looks like you are controlling the players sitting in audience love it

Great graphic. Nice out fit well do just remain the commentator voice . get the game you will enjoy it Perfect

Funny and amazing at the same time at the start of a match it says we have a lost child haha Muito bom!

Good game but improve the graphics. The goalkeeper (let me control him) is poor in movements. Unlock all teams. This game can't be moved to sd card. Fix it. PLEASE UPDATE SOON. Fabulous!

when i get a call it automatically gets close and if i open it again it will not be continued Go well

Good game but improve the graphics and the goal keeper (let me control him). Unlock all teams. This game can't be moved to sd card. Fix it. PLEASE UPDATE SOON. Worth it!

THIS IS GAME THE BEST!!! I AM HOME IS INDONESIA,,,Fix I am Speak is indonesia:Permainannya seru anjayyy gk kaya permainan lainnya gk ada otek/kata urang sundamah ngocek Marvelous

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