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Good game like sid meier civilization, but i got some problem with force closed game after 30 minute of play Enjoy it!

This is a great civ game. Much better than any other alternative there is out there. Please keep updating it and can u fix the ally/freinds thing. Thanks. Fantastic

Fair point Bruno. I was wanting a "just keep playing" option......Also it's not clear how you are doing overall with happiness - in what way does happiness affect each city, what is the overall happiness (a huge deal in civ 5) Enjoy it!

Looks lovely but not there yet. Main problem is that once you get all the science points the game insists on finishing and closes itself down each subsequent turn. Also it's not clear how you are doing overall - in what way does happiness affect each city, what is the overall happiness (a huge deal in c 5) Muito bom!

A great civil fix I'd that's what you want, if not, still unique enough to check out. Watch your battery usage on longer and larger games, the more that's happening, the more the drain. That is the only con I care enough about to mention -even with the drain I love this game and play it constantly- Anything else is acceptable for a project this large. Great work devs. 5 star

Pls allow us to choose game goal.very annoying that "full science" always stops game even if I want win by conquest. Just wow

Finally a CIV type game that exceeds all others currently available for mobile devices; excellent in all aspects of game play. Good

This game is awesome but it needs a little work if you could somehow make the ai civs be able to war with each other and also maybe governments would be a cool feature Surprisingly

This is the best civilization clone I have ever played at times I forgot I actually wasn't playing Sid Meier's Enjoy it!

How do I move through islands? I'm having trouble on how to make more cities outside my island Superb!

Consuming game though a little slow and wish the world wrapped around. There's little in the way of documentation and the buildings don't reward like CIV. Also don't get the border approach being based upon individual cities. Would appreciate being able to change land features. Great!

Outstanding app equivalent of Civilization. Definitely would recommend, however always room for improvement. I would very much like to see the terrain improvement features improved, especially being able to convert forest to farmland and existence of rivers Omg

This is truly awesome game! So much as civilozation, even better than the current civilization game in the app store! Hope it gets finished soon! Problems are that controls are stiff and you cannot see tile information easy! Also you should not allow units to be in the same tile. Add some icons on top of different units to make them easily identified from one another. Add ages as this is currenly very important aspect thats missing! Just keep doing the good work you do and keep this app free to play, you will score milions of dawnloads!!! Pretty good

I love this game. Its complex and the controls were a bit complicated at the start but once you get used to it it is a great game 5 star

I. Love. This. Game. I was a total civ2 addict in the old days. This game is very true to the original game play. Very robust on the Nexus 6. Really well crafted with great playability. My compliments to the developer on such a nice implementation. The occasional bug? Yeah sure. But it doesn't in any way detract from the game play or how much credit is deserved for the hours of programming that must have gone into this. edit: This last update foregrounded the vegetation which makes it hard to see the cities clearly. edit 6/9/17: latest update introduced an entertaining bug. The second civ I conquered, the capitol went to 0 turn production on all improvements. I can't give an exact breakdown of what I did, but at some point I swapped wonder building with another conquered capitol (stop building hagia sophi in constantinople and start building it over here) , both capitols went to 0 turn production for all improvements. I built the pyramids in one turn. ha! If you want me to poke at it and see if I can come up with a predictable failure, let me know. Go well

Good Game. sir ,pls make the game more realistic when it comes to buildings. for ex: Pentagon should only be in America Civ. Pyramid only in egypt civ. also, diplomacy matters, after i became friend with a certain civ, it keeps asking me again and again friend with a much higher cost. whats the importance of that? another is, when using a plane/bomber i always put into the next troop action to be queue. for ex: After i bomb enemy base using bomber plane ,the control get me out of the landing site of the plane instead put me into the troop that should be move next. pls fix that. thanks. good game also, im hopin for another update. more power 5 star

I love this game. Any issue I find is fixed in the next update. Also this new rename is good. My only complaits are it doesn't look that great in the menus, and the AI has a few flaws and I can't tell when the AI are at war with eatchother or allied. And this new update is wonderful, we really needed to see the scoreboards. Not bad

It is a amazing game but the ai doesn't like to take troops over the water to fight you because of this you will be safe by building on a island Flawless

One of the greatest games I've ever played on mobile. If development ever stops I believe that I would be quite sad. Good

please support this game one of the best strategic game I ever played. but please make the ai more aggressive. Highly Recommend.

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