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3 things I ask (AI) ON MULTIPLAYER GAMES.. Longer turn time so me and my friend can play over the course of days, please this is my favorite game but I just ask for AI on multiplayer games.. Also can you make like a more economic standpoint in the game and bring like government into the game. I seriously just want longer turns and afk running multiplayer games with multiple AI though cause its hard to get a lot of people and you all have to be playing at once .. Thats kind of dumb Superb!

Love this game, recommend for all civ players looking for mobile. There are some things that I would love to be added in after you get finished with the Multiplayer and Victory stuff. It would be great if you added Alliances, the game in my opinion would be so much more immersive, also after the update all my progress got deleted, which kind of disappointed me, the controls are a little werid but still playable. All in all, the game is wonderful, I would rate 10/5 stars if I could. But the devs are doing a great job on this game, its very impressive on how they made this game. Cool

Bruno, you have done an amazing job. Massively thank you for this game. I just need to suggest a few quality of life issues that would help. 1. Auto build road network for workers 2. Merging city boundaries and the more dominant city taking the resource I love it. Please continue developing it xxx wow lol

Everything is fantastic in the game. It's amazing that you've been able to recreate Civilization for mobile and do it for free. I only have two slight recommendations. One, the turns for online Civilization have a maximum of 300 seconds. I would like to play an online game with friends but I can't access my phone every 5 minutes. Is it possible to set a turn time of several hours to a day? Also, I want to support the game by watching ads, I feel like I owe it to you. But I don't want to cheat and get gold and research for doing it. Could you add a watch ads option that doesn't give you in-game gold or research? Thanks. Surprisingly

Please I'm begging you to add the U.S.S.R, it would feel so badass playing as communists XD also an idea for music, if you go to war make it so the country your playing as has its anthem playing in the background it would be much more intense XD Perfect!

It is good but they should add Tribal Villages like they do In civ 4 civ 5 and civ 6. They also should add better texture to the units so they look better anyway I love this game Fabulous!

Hey Bruno,fantastic job and glad to see recent updates, my only current issue is not understanding what culture or food or other things do to impact the empire. Flawless

Hello Bruno this comment was from 2016 and I'm editing it in 2017 but I was wanting to ask if it would be possible to add a cheat mode for players who want to instantly get all tech and stuff? If so that be awesome but the main issue I'm having Is the water idk how to get a boat for some reason and I can't get to the other civilizations I even have the sail tech Well done!!

Best Civ like game ive played on Android. Only one suggestion....... It would be nice to have more diplomatic options in the game and see how other civs react to one another. Great game though keep it up Pretty good

Need to add things like amoured cars to transport marines around and the AI to be more assertive and maybe add radar but overall very good game i love it! Perfect!

Well ive been playing this for god i dont know how long. This game is hands down the best of its kind. It has come so far and just keeps getting better. Surprisingly

This game is great. This is why i love this gane! If there were only transport unit, then this game will be even greater! Also too can you update when your unit has 6 or 4 sqaud in one unit! That will be even more greater than ever! Thank you! ❤ Must have

This is the best Mobile version of Civilization that I have ever played. It has made significant improvements its just as good as Civi2. Here are some of my suggestions: 1. Wrap-around World, even if the movement just jumps from one edge of the map to the other. Polar Ice caps would be a nice touch, as well. 2. More Civilpedia, especially to explain the features that may perform differently from the other versions of Civ. 3. Expanded technology tree , and add more benefits to the future techs. 4. Mid sea unit transfer. You should be able to shuffle you units between transports. Missiles should be able to transport to other cities, Subs or Cruisers within their range like aircraft. 5. Marines should be able to attack from ships, last I checked they still can't do this. 6. Where are the paratroopers? 7. I think its time for a change of music, or even bring back the old music. AI needs some improvement, in war, it doesn't play very strategical. Multi-player is cool too. 13 player is epic. I don't care for the spies much they get annoying and are hard to defend against with 13 AI players. Is there a discussion forum where fans share thoughts and even offer sugs to newbies? Must have

Good civilization clone. No tutorials and take some time to figure out the controls, but well worth it to get your civ fix Cool

It is a great game and I loved it but it would be nice if you make the turns go faster when you have more than 4 A.I because when you have max A.I the end turns start to take longer than with just 4 A.I. Love the game you did a good job on it but other than the end turn length you don't need to work on it. Enjoy it!

Still an amazing game, that far outshines Civilization Revolution. Maybe the ability to form a World Council, to see who's warring with who and the ability to intervene peacefully between wars. Alliances/factions would be awesome, if only to ensure smaller civilizations I try to protect survive haha. Overall, still very playable, and am looking forward to more updates Perfect

It's a great game I just request that you try to make the AI act with each other more. (Ex. The AI fighting barbarians and getting rid of barbarian outposts, and AI going to war with other AI more and/or multiple AI working together in a war with the other AI. Great job

Great game, I just have one request... Please make the city borders merge like in normal civilization games. The cluttering of borders creates a mess and it is hard to see what's going on sometimes. Well done!!

This is a great game! It really feels like Civilization, though I think it would be great if you could make the AI smarter (as in building cities near better resources, not having their armies in the modern era made up of warriors and archers) Superb!

Trying to figure out how to transport troops and transport nuclear/atomic - missiles/bombs - and how to launch or deploy them. The person I'm playing with now has no problem popping nuclear/atomic stuff at me, and this is the animation -- (plane that looks like a bomber flies over one of my cities, everything goes kaboom, and my city is still half there) So I know it's possible, but after months and months of playing,, I still cannot figure out a way to do those (atomic bombs and nuclear missiles) == shittttt, I can't still figure out how to work guided missiles as well. I guess I'mma go try and practice a little and see if I missed anything. Other than that, the GAME IS GREAT!! I LOVED the Civilization games growing up, and this is by far the closest thing I've been able to find in comparison to the Civ franchise. Best thing that ever happened to me and my phone, minus the Final Fantasy games I have lol I'd give this app 5 stars, but as I'm still struggling with those few things, I'm going to give it a 4 stars; But, if you can tell me how to do those functions, I will definitely give it the 5 stars it so truthfully deserves. Great!

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