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I think this a great game. Having more terrain like hills would be a great addition to the gameplay. Maybe having districts instead of buildings being built in the city would be cool as well, because mountains don't really play a part in making a good city. I also believe that each civ should have their own unique unit that has a special ability. Maybe the Aztecs could have the eagle warriors which replaces the normal warrior. It could have better attack and defence. The Romans could have legions that replaces the swordsman but they don't require iron to produce. Overall I think this is a great game and there is so much potential for it to become a fantastic game. EDIT: The new update, in my opinion, is one of the best so far. The rivers are a good idea, but sometimes look a bit funny. Maybe you should add when you cross a river, it costs 2 movement points. The rivers don't really have a purpose, however it is still a great improvement, but add a little bit to the different hexas. Like grasslands near a river get 3 food without even working it. The whale resource is meh. The things when you work the resource isn't to spectacular. Other than that the game still works fine, but maybe you could improve on the A.I. I feel they are a bit too friendly and it's too easy to get out of a war with them. In the next update I hope this can become a possibility. EDIT: Maybe if you can introduce your idea to major developers they may be able to make the graphics have a better look. Right now they are alright but I would like something to be realistic but nice to look at. But right now it seems that you were going for a realistic feel but got the wrong idea. This is only a suggestion. Fabulous!

I love it so much and i have an idea for this game : a world map map where the capital generation is not random (paris will be on the location of paris on real life). That would be amazing Pretty good

A great game, have being playing this games since it started. It has progressed so much, however as I play overtime the top tool bar disappears, hope you guys can fix this problem, thx keep up the great work Fabulous!

Amazing game I really love the update, all issues have been addressed over time. It's obvious the developer pours his heart and soul into this game. Love it so far, keep up the good work Superb!

I love the game, I'd really like to know where you got the music, definitely would like to listen to some of it when I'm not gaming. Becides that, there's really nothing else I could ask for, this game is basically everything I want in a tbs mobile game. Great job. Perfect

It's ok but has more potential. What I'm talking about is the lack of gameplay. The research is good,but needs more work. Maybe you could make it more like hearts of iron IV and have little items to research that help economy and military. More countries, such as the Soviet union or Ottoman Empire, would be nice. And the AI, it's so bad I want to delete this game forever. The AI makes bad decisions, and declares war on you for no reason. 1 change to the AI I would like is for it to be improved and worked on. A 2nd change might be the ability to call them into a war. You also need to be able to make a group, or faction, that you can custom name and have other nations join. That way you can help them in war or destroy other nations easily. 1 last and final change, when you get to infantry or riflemen, you need to choose a rifle/gun. (I.E. Kar98K or M1 Garand). The last part to this final change is the ability to make custom troops and divisions. What I'm trying to say is that it's very time consuming to move every individual unit when you have a large army. To group certain troops into a division makes it easier. You also get the combined strength of all of those single troops in 1 division. The ability to make custom troops is like making your own tank or chopper. With infantry, you can add support artillery that travels beside them as part of them. I also have 2 unit suggestions. 1. A motorized truck that can hold say, 10 infantry troops. The truck has the same mobility as a tank, but only carries troops and doesn't attack. 2nd unit suggestion/edit. The worker build period needs to be shortened at least 2 turns max. And national focuses would be nice. That way, I can decide wether I want to make someone mad or claim land. That's all the suggestions I have. I hope they get used (all of them is what I really hope for.) Overall, best civ game on android ever made Just wow

I play more online, not LAN with friends do you have a estimated time till the AI release? Great job

This game is so great on so many levels;most civ games only allow you 8 AI/Player opponents. i love how you did 13 max;more interactions,more threats,more strategy that's great;Hoping in the future you add more active civ's like 20 max in a world etc if possible, or maybe do a civ 2 style where after a nation perishes its replaced by another nation that hasn't played yet. That way it would be endless play, i understand domination is the point but its cool to play big brother and build other nations up to i think that would be a cool add. Also Please Fix!!.. when i click on an opposing nations unit i should be able to see in the detail bar which country the unit belongs to including being able to see the nation color coordinate which needs serious work to.Overall this game is worth the space if you love turn based strategy. Flawless

Dude i love this game to bits I've had it forever and i dont think ill ever delete it just one thing can you add spawn points and resource placement on map editor Omg

You should add planes. Sorry if you already have, haven't played in a while. I remember playing this game non-stop for hours. Keep up the great work. Great!

At first I thought it was going to be a lame copy of of civilization but then I played it and got addicted to the game next thing you know I won the game this game has big potential and I feel it we be #1 some day. Works perfectly

another great indie 4x game... Birth of the empires was a nice find for me and now this ? its early Christmas this year...again... searching randomly google play sometimes is worth the effort ...i hope you will continue to improve this awesome piece of software and that you will become very successful because youre awesome Well done!!

Nice Instead of bordering cities off that you control.. Merge them to have one great border and share the resources.. Also multiplayer doesn't have AI or barbaric npcs.. And multiplayer keeps on crashing.. Please update and fix.. Works perfectly

Pretty good except the world editor kept crashing on me. Then it completely cleared the map I was working on. The gameplay itself is really good. No crashes from that so far. Surprisingly

Im still keeping the 5 star review but can you please allow the online members see who they can play with even if their offline so that they can schedule a time to play together thx,Add. Me and My friend Tried Playing together But After 8 turns it would Crash For me After both Of us went To the next turn Worth a go!

Very well done game. I got all the enjoyment I normally do in Civ game. Normal skill setting not that hard. Going to play again at highest skill level. Recommend

Quite simply the best in terms of gameplay.. I got hooked on my first "test" game and it's still ongoing. Id like to request just one feature- that all units prioritise road tiles when moving.. Superb!

I'll have two number nines, a number nine large, a number six with extra dip, a number seven, two number forty fives one with cheese and a large soda. love it

I can barely contain my excitement for AI to be added to multi-player! This is going to be great! This app just keeps getting better and better. It is a very rare occurrence to find an app that continuously improves, meets expectations, doesn't abuse the user, and relentlessly entertains. This is my favorite mobile app, period... and it is still in Alpha release stages! If this DEV isn't picked up by a major developer, the world will be a sad place, because this DEV is legit. I love the app! Surprisingly

Very fun and totally awesome! The AI needs work and the units and borders need additional colors. Right now light pink, grey and white all use white for borders and units and yellow and orange both use yellow. Light and dark green are both light green and dark green isn't visible on the map because it's the same green as land is. Overall this is the best civ type game to be found on Android! Fabulous!

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