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Bro, I'm trying to find an online match, but there is never one about, is it just my end? Or am I not doing something right? Perfect

I wanna give it five stars as this game as fun and is the best civilization game for mobile. Reminds me of civilization on the PC it has simple controls I also love the fact that you have a guide in game to point out the details. I also love how you can choose your color, even though I think there should be more colors. At Least enough for the max number of players to have different colors. There is a bug that I have to to point out. When I offer to Ally with a friend and they accept the Alliance. Our relationship is still Friends. Very rarely when loading a big custom map. When to type my player name game crashes. I also have a suggestion, if you could pillage improvements with Melee Units. That would be cool. Example: I'm at war with America and I put my Warrior on a Farm Tile that is in American Boarders. My Warrior would pillage the Farm via command so, instead of the farm producing +1 it now does -1. To repair the pillaged farm have a worker repair the farm. And add a diplomat winning. Where the first person to discover every civilization and have a certain technology hold an election for World Leadership. I hope this review helps you out. This is in fact an amazing game. Flawless

For custom maps can you make it so we can manually add rivers and natural resources Works perfectly

I really like where this game is going! I've been playing this enough to see the progress being made. Personally I wish y'all would just add the flag of the country for the unit icons instead of the color assigned (green,blue,etc). It is hard to distinguish between white and grey. And I ended up fighting the wrong country. It just makes more sense and would be easier with flag icons rather than color. And more countries like Mexico, Italy, Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, maybe even custom flags and nations. Also better relations and diplomacy with the AI. It seems no matter how hard the difficulty of the AI, the AI doesn't do much to get involved. Joining wars, declaring wars on other AI.. alliances among the other AI.. and player. But great game and I will continue to play!! Fantastic

Great game with updates often. Major problem is the online or multiplayer. It doesn't work or is very hard to get a game with people, and options for online are exremely limited unlike single player. Great job

Минусы: нет кнопки выход с выгрузкой приложения из памяти, нет портретной ориентации. Fabulous!

This game keeps on going from strength to strength. Never been this engrossed by a mobile phone game. There are a few pet peeves however, more colours would be nice. And the bonuses you choose at the beginning of a game should increase or decrease based on difficulty. Another issue is that on the hardest difficulty the AI isn't necessarily smarter or more aggressive but just gets a load of bonuses to production and science, making it easy to win anyway. Worth it!

You should have an option to adjust graphics to reduce lag, less waiting time on units, and more depth in diplomacy Recommend

I love this Game I hope it stays forever !!!! No other game app is worth my time but this one :) Flawless

I really love this game! It brings aspects from some of my favorite strategy games along with it's own unique features and delivers a fun and addicting experience. **I did however, run into a bug with the diplomacy feature in the game, though it's not gamebreaking. If you make a "blank" offer to the AI, they will accept and their disposition towards you will go up even though nothing was exchanged. I hope you understand what I mean. Other than that keep up the good work! I have been waiting for a long time for a full Civ-type experience on my phone and I am not disappointed. Well done!!

I'd recommend adding more depth to the map editor (perhaps pre-made maps of Earth with the decision to start anywhere you want) as well as a graphics option to refuse lag. Great game and the offline feature is really appreciated, especially considering that so many other army building games don't allow such things. Will definitely be looking forward to updates Omg

Love it. Pls rename calvary to dragoons. I mean spying is good but come on. Make the newer tech more difficult to steal. Keep the diplomacy... and AI. Dont want it to get too smart now, ya? Lol. Fantastic

its a good game but there are a lot of bugs, the biggest that ive come across are that the tutorial crashes it and that the ai's guided missiles dont dissapear after striking Surprisingly

Why can you not ally with AI? and please add a "gift unit" by moving it into another CIV's borders. And AI doesnt build and use fishing boats. Might be more competitive if they did, i remeber on earlier versions they use to. On highest difficulty they build World Wonders way too fast-impossibly fast. Doing good! Awesome

It's a good game but it needs more,like more ai for more nation's on the map and I would like to be able to place and decide what nations will be on the map. Fantastic

I love the game but have you considered bridges that would be legit. Maybe have it as an option from work boats. Worth a go!

The game is wonderful, but can you add more Civilizations and maybe a custom nation option. However, this game is a masterpiece. 5 star

Awsome but helicopters cant fly over waters and multiplayer dont work for me.otherwise Fabulous!

Great game at start, and fun; but on hard, the AI acts mindless after infantry, I role over my enemy, and they dont fight back. Plus the spying happens a but too often. But I like the game. Worth it!

Brilliant, but: gobbles battery like Pac Man on speed. Developers, please look at civ 2. All your fancy graphics are completely unnecessary. Games are about the gameplay. Period. Recommend

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