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i thought it was only matter of time until u implement city borders merging. . . but it is seems that's not to be the case. . . . you see, when we built a new city neighbouring your previous city, its border should be 'mixed', just like civilization's games. . . so it'll look like ur country really 'united'. could you implement this feature to your next update??? much that i'll appreciate this, but the others would be grateful too. . . Brilliant

make other player animated if they are hostile or friendly and put also media so you we can watch what is happening the world and then you can put advertisement on the in game media hoping this will add on the next update Fabulous!

1. Amazing game 2. Needs a earth map setting where settlers go where the country is 2. As an australian im sad that we aren't there 3. Please make the ai declare war becuase I never see that happening and can YOU make it so you can make a faction as to make two allys allys with each other Perfect

Лучшая стратегия такого типа. Civilization хуже этого шедевра. Спасибо автору. Играю на ПК и телефоне только в эту игру. Works perfectly

I love this game really great love the updates. players find me online so we can play. Tha Sandman. 5 star

The ui can be diffult some times to use for example manging all your cites independently and your army and micromanage all your unit. Enjoy it!

My only issue so far is that I had a couple cities that just suddenly was under another civs control, anyone know why? Fantastic

Everything runs smoothly for me until turn 300 then the ai takes forever to finish their moves. I have to wait 1 minute to two between my turn and theirs. I'm sure this will shorten when some of them die out, but great game overall~ Great job

World of Empires is an amazing game, which is very much alike the Civilization series. This game far exceeds the mobile version of Civilization and to be honest, competes with the PC Civilization games. If you ever wanted a very similar game to Civilization on your phone, this is it. There aren't many niggles I have with this game, besides maybe a slightly better UI - mainly a newer looking menu screen. This however is very minor and shouldn't affect your choice to download this game. This game is amazing and SHOULD be downloaded and better yet - it's free! You do have the option to purchase in-app "donations" which is very reasonable, consider the size and enjoyment of this game. Though, there is options to watch videos to gain money within the game, which I dislike, also there is a small button always on the screen (During gameplay) that opens up the donation tab and video watching tab (Only when tapped on). This is a bit annoying, and wish there was a version - which costs money that removes it and add some other bonuses, such as new leaders. Wouldn't think twice purchasing it! TLDR: Great game, very much alike Civilization on PC, has a small price tag button which is almost always on screen for donations for the developer (I don't find this button intrusive at all, and encourage the support for this developer) wow lol

Its very nice stratejic game, but it needs to solve some littel bugs (in the last update version bugs were more than previous). I havent played multyplay mood becouse it is not popular yet and no one joins to the room. Its addictive like other joyable stratejic games. Well done!!

The game is alright but everytime i watch an ad or something to do a quick advance it exits out of the game and makes me restart everything Fantastic

OMFG I FINALLY FOUND IT! I uninstalled this game before the name changed and then tried looking for it a year ago, but i gave up and now i finally found it again, used to be Early Civ, right? Perfect

Awesome game!I would like if you added where certain civs can spawn and where resources are in the map. Also could you add religions, and each civ has a unique building can you make it so each civ has a unique unit? Also since this is like civ 6 can you make a game in the future like EU4? Cool

Absolutely amazing game. I've played this game for a while now and its amazing. Keep up the great work Dev. :) P.S if anyone needs someone else to play with my username is Nolife123. Pretty good

Hello thank you for the amazing game it seem to be improved very well from the last few months and it's getting to be similar to the original civilization but needs some improvements like... 1- The workers need to be faster on building and their animation should change with ages and they should hold new tools. 2- The relationships with other players should be more specific details like you can trade without building a caravan or ships. 3- The game is lagging sometimes because AI building a lot of troops which causes the game to crash. 4-when you have a new technology that develops your troops the old type of troops should be removed from the list of units inside the city because you will not need to build them anymore. 5-add new kind of resources. 6-make the game 3D 7-you have to change the turns number into years for example turn 1=4000BC. 8- add religions 9- Add all the cities border to the same one you don't need to have a boarder for each city inside the empire. Thanks Awesome

Love it. Just like Civilizations for PC. Really wish there was a resource management focused city builder like this with massive open sandbox world that could advance from stone age to futuristic without combat. Would pay for that. Great!

Overall, I like the fresh look! I don't care for the land units moving on water. Spys may needs some refinement or the option to turn them off, at pressent they are too effective. AI is improved, but its still too easy to gobble up Civs to to achieve dominance. It would be nice to exchange more than 4 resources, let say if you build Harbor and caravansary in same city, +2 per trade per building. Perhaps add more trade for Sea Port and Air Port, as upgrades to City trade, which is some what realistic, perhaps +1 for each additional Trade building. I have had a number of workers get stuck on infinite road building on one hex. Please fix. With unit movements, it would be nice to have a turn indicator showing how many turns it take to move the specified distance. Any chance we can get a wrap around world, left and right edges connect to the other? Any more technologies, or benefits to advanced technologies? What about space race a colony ship bound for Mars, Moon or interstellar Travel. I always loved this in Sid's versions. Great job

I keep having a problem where I lose the top bar , the one to end your turn. All other buttons are fine but its a serious bummer I love the game. Thank you Not bad

AWESOME!!! But i would like i could select where certain empires spawn in create a world mode (or something like that) Perfect

I am thrilled that somebody finally made a working mobile version like civilization. I'm editing out my critiquing because I'm now two updates in the past and need to get the update and some time to play. Most of my reviews are games I'm uninstalling and I'm the "Simon" of game reviews so if I'm going out of my way to give a good review it says a lot. This is the highest review I believe I've ever given a game on play store and I'm glad to see you are on point. I would delete all 64GB of games from my phone if I had to to make room for this one. I have a feeling I'll be back to add stars to the review details. Definitely a game worth spending money on if you were that kind of gamer. love it

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