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I think this a great game. Having more terrain like hills would be a great addition to the gameplay. Maybe having districts instead of buildings being built in the city would be cool as well, because mountains don't really play a part in making a good city. I also believe that each civ should have their own unique unit that has a special ability. Maybe the Aztecs could have the eagle warriors which replaces the normal warrior. It could have better attack and defence. The Romans could have legions that replaces the swordsman but they don't require iron to produce. Overall I think this is a great game and there is so much potential for it to become a fantastic game. EDIT: The new update, in my opinion, is one of the best so far. The rivers are a good idea, but sometimes look a bit funny. Maybe you should add when you cross a river, it costs 2 movement points. The rivers don't really have a purpose, however it is still a great improvement, but add a little bit to the different hexas. Like grasslands near a river get 3 food without even working it. The whale resource is meh. The things when you work the resource isn't to spectacular. Other than that the game still works fine, but maybe you could improve on the A.I. I feel they are a bit too friendly and it's too easy to get out of a war with them. In the next update I hope this can become a possibility. EDIT: Maybe if you can introduce your idea to major developers they may be able to make the graphics have a better look. Right now they are alright but I would like something to be realistic but nice to look at. But right now it seems that you were going for a realistic feel but got the wrong idea. This is only a suggestion. Fabulous!

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