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It's ok but has more potential. What I'm talking about is the lack of gameplay. The research is good,but needs more work. Maybe you could make it more like hearts of iron IV and have little items to research that help economy and military. More countries, such as the Soviet union or Ottoman Empire, would be nice. And the AI, it's so bad I want to delete this game forever. The AI makes bad decisions, and declares war on you for no reason. 1 change to the AI I would like is for it to be improved and worked on. A 2nd change might be the ability to call them into a war. You also need to be able to make a group, or faction, that you can custom name and have other nations join. That way you can help them in war or destroy other nations easily. 1 last and final change, when you get to infantry or riflemen, you need to choose a rifle/gun. (I.E. Kar98K or M1 Garand). The last part to this final change is the ability to make custom troops and divisions. What I'm trying to say is that it's very time consuming to move every individual unit when you have a large army. To group certain troops into a division makes it easier. You also get the combined strength of all of those single troops in 1 division. The ability to make custom troops is like making your own tank or chopper. With infantry, you can add support artillery that travels beside them as part of them. I also have 2 unit suggestions. 1. A motorized truck that can hold say, 10 infantry troops. The truck has the same mobility as a tank, but only carries troops and doesn't attack. 2nd unit suggestion/edit. The worker build period needs to be shortened at least 2 turns max. And national focuses would be nice. That way, I can decide wether I want to make someone mad or claim land. That's all the suggestions I have. I hope they get used (all of them is what I really hope for.) Overall, best civ game on android ever made Just wow

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