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This game is so great on so many levels;most civ games only allow you 8 AI/Player opponents. i love how you did 13 max;more interactions,more threats,more strategy that's great;Hoping in the future you add more active civ's like 20 max in a world etc if possible, or maybe do a civ 2 style where after a nation perishes its replaced by another nation that hasn't played yet. That way it would be endless play, i understand domination is the point but its cool to play big brother and build other nations up to i think that would be a cool add. Also Please Fix!!.. when i click on an opposing nations unit i should be able to see in the detail bar which country the unit belongs to including being able to see the nation color coordinate which needs serious work to.Overall this game is worth the space if you love turn based strategy. Flawless

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