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How do I win?? Game just keeps going on amd on. It would be nice if the game ended when I clear the board and claim me as a winner. As it stands, even if I clear the board it just adds more letters. There needs to be a goal to be a true game. Nonetheless, it's fun.

Word Lines is terrific! Actually calming & helps reduce stress while challenging users to find & form words! Flawless

It is ok but It pretty much never ends.. been playing on and off for like a month and it never ends. It is way too easy. And it makes words for you sometimes. Like if I put in "blue" it accepts it even if I wanted to do "blues". Make it more of a challenge. Superb!

Good fun This game works great as a timekiller...the ability to add you own words to dictionary is a great feature of this game wow lol

Good game Fun, but I feel like it would be better if the vowel chance was a bit higher and if plurals were in the dictionary. Muito bom!

It's good Words are weird n we got no control words are just basic could we have a list of then when we have finished it will make it worthwhile please consider changes Marvelous

Great! Great, but very easy. I'll 5 star if you add extra difficulties, such as more letters appearing after moves. Perfect!

Review titles are a bad idea Too easy. Doesn't give extra points for longer words, so two 3 letter words earns just as many points as a 6 letter word. Brilliant

Its a great lazy game Its not hard to play at all its very good game to kill time all u do is make words not hard not challenging I made a score of 1033 on my very first game Great!

Ok Fun for a while has anyone else noticed there's NO LETTER J or am I the only one Perfect

LOVE OMG Love this game and the music ...It's beautiful. Kinda making me fall asleep tho but that's good cuz I play on my phone n then stay up too late lol

I gotta admit At first, I thought it was just OK. But I played it and played it. After just a few weeks, I'm only on my second game. And the only reason for that is I accidentally hit New Game instead of Continue. There should be a "are you sure" before starting a new game when there is a current game available. For that, it would get 5 stars from me. Enjoy it!

Nice game It's a nice game, but there is no ending.Some of the words that the game will accept are not words that would be found in a dictionary. Go well

Really improved with recent updates The developer has really improved this game with the last couple of updates. The dictionary is much better. Game play is more enjoyable. I find myself playing this more and more. It would be nice to have levels of difficulty or increasing difficulty as the game progresses, but those are not essential. Overall, a great way to have fun. UPDATE: I'm addicted. Play this more than any other game. Great game and great Developer! Fantastic

Love this game! It is fun seeing how many words you can make before the new letters come up or they make new words without you moving anything. So fun. Great job

Best Guys there r a lot of crappy apps but.........this is not 1 of them it sort of helps me in helps in some sort of way keep up the good wrk Worth it!

Not a bad game, but... Weird "words" end up being a match, and the game can go on for hours while you try to lose Must have

Love in theory but needs a lot of work. I support the idea its really good. But is just not exciting or addictive enough to invest the time. I have been playing the same round for four days. Here's to hoping you make it fun instead of work. Just wow

VERY HAPPY WITH THIS! Great way to kill time. Simple and clever. Didn't pick up the word 'nerd' though. Hmmm... Highly Recommend.

Great Concept! A fun word building game that could be GREAT except for the fact that it auto-selects words and as such only selects 3 letter words even if it was part of a longer one.. Recommend to download Wordlines APK.

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